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Project Manager

Open, transparent, accountable. With EngineRoom's Project Manager, you'll have the tools to collaborate with your digital specialists on your digital strategy.

What is Project Manager?

Project Manager allows you to see and manage your digital strategy. View all the projects in the current pipeline, scheduled future projects and get a breakdown of your investment over the year. This gives you full accountability of your digital program and your investment in digital. Plus, you'll have more control over your business through collaboration at the project level.


Complete agency transparency and collaboration. Have the same project insights that we do, giving you the confidence and control to manage your business. You can view, sort, filter and plan your digital projects. Project Manager means that you'll never be left in the dark – you'll know exactly where your investment is being made.

Business strategy integration. The future is no longer uncertain. With a complete view of current and future projects, you'll see the development of your digital strategy. It's part of becoming an informed organisation that makes business decisions informed by data. Not guesswork.

Optimise your digital investment. Know how your investment is being allocated. Whether that's in digital advisory, the creation of digital assets, marketing or support services. You'll get a high level breakdown of your investment and spend. Or go into the detail and make refined optimisation decisions. You have the flexibility and control to optimise your digital investment and meet your business goals.

  • Customised and detailed
  • Single project organiser
  • Current and upcoming projects
  • Project segmentation
  • Project filtering
  • Data visualisation

Project organiser

See and manage upcoming projects. You'll get a list of projects in the current pipeline, giving you complete visibility over your digital strategy. Or you can filter your projects and understand each one at a more detailed level. You'll see everything at a high-level when you need to save time, and a level of detail when your need it.

Scheduled projects

View future projects as they develop. Knowing how your future projects are being formed is key to helping you plan. And not just your digital investment, but your business strategy, too. Together, we work to build a digital roadmap and see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This is the place where the current and future projects come together.

Project segments

See your roadmap laid out in front of you, month-by-month. From total monthly spend, to a break-down by digital department, you'll know how your investment is being allocated. This information gives you and your business the opportunity to plan and adjust – and that means better decision making, a reduction in costs and and increase in ROI.

Business strategy meets digital strategy

Grow your business with smart tools from Digital360's EngineRoom. With these tools, your agency program becomes part of your business. You'll track the progress, measure the results and collaborate on projects. Together, we'll take your business to the next stage of growth.

A strategic tool for managing digital projects

With EngineRoom's Project Manager, your digital strategy integrates into your business goals. You can plan your business better and align digital programs with business operations. And with complete transparency and performance, you can make better decisions, allocate resources efficiently and see greater returns on your digital investments.

"Collaboration. It’s the key to any healthy agency-client relationship. But too many agencies leave their clients in the dark. EngineRoom’s Project Manager solves this problem. We collaborate and work alongside clients on their agency program and digital strategy. It gives our clients the visibility they’re looking for in an agency partner."

Robert Dalessandro

Operations Director

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