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Detailed business reporting

Your business, in detail. EngineRoom gives you the business reports you need to keep your business growing.

How does business reporting work?

EngineRoom is more than the powerhouse of your digital and business operations. It's also a secure bank of your financial and digital reports. Whether you want to see the latest digital campaign data or download a key financial report, our custom reporting tools make it easy to get the data when and where you need it.


Reporting made easy. All your business and digital data is stored in a centralised hub. From digital intelligence to business financials, your key data is automatically collected and compiled into a detailed reporting document. You'll never lose track of your key reports again.

Simple and secure storage. Reports are all about data. But business data is hard to obtain and store. Sometimes it's on paper files. Often it's found in spreadsheets and documents. Not anymore. Our reporting tools help you collect this data and put it into a simple, single space.

All the detail you need. Running a business is time-consuming. Some days you crave the details. Other days you just need key data, at a glance. And EngineRoom gives you both. Our reporting tools, combined with Business Intelligence and Audience Intelligence, give you the information you need, when you need it.

  • Categorised
  • Print-ready
  • Structured
  • Automatic
  • Digital reports
  • Financial reports

Digital reporting

Reporting on digital campaigns and projects. That's social media, email, search engine optimisation and more. You'll see everything, all in one easy-to-access hub. Check the latest marketing data from a pay-per-click campaign or last month's highest performing SEO keywords. It's all possible – and easy – with EngineRoom's digital reporting.

Financial reporting

Company finance data. Centralised. Sorted. That's what EngineRoom can do for your business. Within moments, your key company information can be accessed. Download it as a report to share with key stakeholders – or simply glance at last month's key financials. However you want to access your financial reports, now you can. Quickly, easily and securely.

Business strategy meets digital strategy

Grow your business with smart tools from Digital360's EngineRoom. With these tools, your agency program becomes part of your business. You'll track the progress, measure the results and collaborate on projects. Together, we'll take your business to the next stage of growth.

Keeping record. Made easy.

Reporting for small businesses was once difficult, confusing and time-consuming. But with EngineRoom, now you can get the reports you need. With our detailed reporting in hand, you'll have the confidence and the knowledge to prepare for whatever lies ahead for your business – and the intelligence to make fast decisions.

"Some business owners love the details. Others are only interested in the key points. So we offer both. Using EngineRoom’s reporting features, business decision makers can access key financial and digital data. It’s the information they need, all in one place, available at any moment."

Adam Laurie

Managing Director

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