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Business Intelligence

Set your business on a course of action – and measure the results every step of the way. With Engine Room's Business Intelligence, you can create a plan based on data and track your growth.

What is Business Intelligence?

EngineRoom's Business Intelligence is a set of data analytics tools to help you grow your business. Just select a growth model that works for your business and track your progress throughout the year. You'll clearly see where you're meeting your goals, and where to focus.

The benefits of Business Intelligence

Set achievable plans. Create a vision for your business that's measurable and achievable. Our Business Intelligence helps you focus on what actually matters. This focus unifies business strategy, integrates it into your digital strategy and aligns your team on a common goal.

Benchmark growth. Stay ahead of your goals by tracking them throughout the year. You'll see progress, set against your plan's benchmarks, month-by-month. Giving you the insight to see growth obstacles before they become a real problem.

Guide strategic vision. Spend less time, energy and money chasing the wrong areas. The added clarity from Business Intelligence gives you the information you need, when you need it. That means faster decision making with higher confidence – because your decisions are now backed by data.

  • Business Planner
  • Multiple growth models
  • Business and financial data
  • Goal tracking and measurement
  • Digital strategy integration
  • Data visualisation

Creating a business plan

Business Intelligence makes it easy to create your business plan. Just input the raw materials for your plan and create a goal. Business Intelligence then reverse-engineers a business roadmap. You'll have the flexibility to choose the growth model that matches your business strategy, such as revenue target or fixed investment amount.

Managing business performance

See the performance of your business, at a glance. We can track your actual results versus the business plans. Then you can identify trend lines – both positive and negative. Then capitalise on opportunities. Or adjust your strategy and investment. Managing a business on a day-to-day, month-by-month basis is simple and clear.

Business strategy meets digital strategy

Grow your business with smart tools from Digital360's EngineRoom. With these tools, your agency program becomes part of your business. You'll track the progress, measure the results and collaborate on projects. Together, we'll take your business to the next stage of growth.

Grow your business with real intelligence

We don't just report data. We embed it into your organisation. It helps you understand what's really affecting your business – where growth can be found and where risk may be hiding. With a plan as your guide, you'll have more time to focus on the things that matter – and the direction and clarity to stay ahead.

"For years, large enterprises have been extracting insights from data. Now we're giving SMEs the same tools for growth in an easy-to-use package. That’s the motivation behind EngineRoom’s Business Intelligence. It’s about giving our clients fast, actionable insights that help them make and track data-driven business plans."

Lester Abalos

Digital Analyst