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Our technology

EngineRoom is Digital360's technology platform. We use this tool to bring your business strategy together with digital strategy. It's a new digital platform to drive your business forward.

About EngineRoom

A ship can only sail when everything works in unison. But it's the engine room that contains the propulsion machinery that drives the vessel forward. It's where the efforts of segregated operations come together.

EngineRoom, our agency software platform, applies the same logic to business. It's where business strategy and digital strategy meet in a central hub. The result is that all parts of your business work in unison and move towards a common goal – your business growth.

Business Intelligence

Gain business insights 

Business Intelligence isn't just about data. It's about structuring and displaying the right data to get fast insight. It's about using data to create goals – and sticking to a roadmap. All with the clarity of visualisation and dashboard technology.

EngineRoom's Business Intelligence will make achieving growth simple. With our help, you can reverse-engineer your business plan by setting growth targets – set by revenue or a fixed investment spend. With visualisation and customisation, you can discover how to meet your goals – and where to focus.

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Audience Intelligence

Understand your audience 

Finding an audience is just the start of the journey. Understanding what they want – and when they want it – is key to converting viewers into paying customers. With Audience Intelligence, not only do we show you who your audience is, but which segments are converting into leads.

EngineRoom's Audience intelligence lets you see everything at a glance – or drill down deeper for more detail. With the right insight, you'll make better decisions: where to invest, what channels to target, when to adjust strategy. You'll see and react to audience opportunities as soon as they arise.

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Project Manager

Build a digital strategy

See and manage your entire digital strategy. View all projects in the pipeline. Assess scheduled future projects. Or get a breakdown of your digital investment over the year. We give your complete transparency with your digital program. Giving you more control over your business and integrating collaboration at the project level.

EngineRoom's Project Manager aligns your digital strategy with your business goals. With complete transparency and performance data, you can make better decisions, efficiently allocate resources and see greater returns on your digital investment.

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Reporting tools

Access detailed reports

Access digital and business data when and wherever you need it. Whether you want to see the latest digital campaign data or download a key financial report, our custom reporting tools make it easy to get insight when and where you need it.

EngineRoom is more than the powerhouse of your digital and business operations. It's also a secure bank of your financial and digital reports. With easy filtering and sorting, available in print-ready PDF reports, you'll have your entire business information ready, on hand.

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