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Website optimisation

We analyse data to discover how your digital assets really work. Then through testing and adjustment, we'll make them work harder for your business.

What we do

Working smarter. Not harder.

Website optimisation a central part of a digital strategy. Because in the digital world, nothing is permanent. Your business changes. The market changes. Technology changes. And customers change.

Optimisation works in tandem with your other digital services. We analyse website analytics. Run user tests. And employ best-practice conversion tactics. All these combine with marketing and development to help you reach your business goals.

How we do it

Optimisation as part of a business plan

As your business grows, so should your digital assets. That's why optimisation plays an important role in digital strategy – and therefore business plans. It's an iterative process towards achieving your business vision.

The first step is understanding where your website is performing and under-performing. Using optimisation tools, we discover where your users are having difficultly. We then make recommendations on where to make the best digital investments. It's about achieving your business goals with data, not guesswork.

Why choose us

Technology – the key to optimisation

No site is perfect. But how far from perfect is yours? Without proper analysis, it’s hard to tell. Heatmaps. Website analytics. User testing and visitor recordings. Funnel and form analysis. Our data analysts can review every aspect of your website and extract key insights.

But we know that this is a collaborative process. Working together, our expert data team share findings and insight with your and your team. We then make recommendations to boost conversions – and your bottom line. You'll know where to make investments. And why.

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‘Sometimes the best path isn’t building something new. It’s improving on what you already have. This could be re-wording a call-to-action or changing the colour of a button. But even these small changes can make a big difference to conversion rates – and ultimately your bottom line.’

Glen Allpress

Digital Analyst

The tools of website optimisation 

We use the latest web analysis and optimisation tools to detect patterns in user behaviour and extract insights, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor recording
  • A/B testing

The insights delivered by these tools inform future development and optimisation investment – delivering your business a competitive advantage.

Our approach

Setting clear and measurable goals

Our first question to new clients is, 'What do you want to achieve?' Then we define this objective and narrow it down. We make it clear, measurable, and achievable. Discovering the answer to this question sets the direction of the digital strategy.

Building strategies based on data

With a solid goal set, the next step is a strategy to get there. We don’t do guess work. Instead, we check business metrics, audience analytics. Website and social media data. And with data-driven insights in place, a strategy can form.

Developing assets for long term value

We create content resources and articles that build your authority over time. And we develop using open source frameworks that can scale with the growth of your business. The payoff is a sustainable, growth-minded business.

Gaining competitive advantage through technology

The modern world of business is complex. And the companies that embrace technology are the ones that are positioned to become market leaders. We help our clients reshape their businesses to around technology and unlock competitive advantage.

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