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Website support services

We offer ongoing maintenance and security of your digital assets. You'll reduce costs by increasing the performance of digital assets – and you'll keep your customers happy, too.

Performance. Speed. Reliability.

The online world has become an extremely complex and fragile ecosystem. The interdependent pieces of this ecosystem, such as browsers, devices and operating systems, are continuously evolving. Simply keeping up with technology represents a new challenge for businesses.

But this challenge can be met and complexity can be managed. A proactive approach to maintaining digital infrastructure is the key to staying ahead and minimising issues. But, if things go wrong, it helps to have a team that can react quickly to deliver a solution.

In this landscape, keeping digital assets updated is now an important function for any modern business. The additional sales and higher conversions that come with a speedy website are just the beginning. There's also the reduced risk of downtime and the elimination of security threats. This foresight reduces costs later down the track.

At Digital360, we have the experience, expertise and technology to keep your business in the fast lane. Our website support services is your ticket to staying up-to-date and secure. We offer your business a stable foundation to continue building – today and tomorrow.

Benefits of website support services

  • Reduce overall cost
    A proactive approach to your digital infrastructure reduces future complications and cost.
  • Keep assets online for longer
    Keeping digital infrastructure up-to-date with the latest software and hardware minimises downtime.
  • Experience fewer distractions
    We take care of your digital solutions, so you can take care of your business.
  • Protect your business
    Reduce the risk of malicious attacks by staying updated with the latest security patches.
  • Access technical expertise
    Your assets are in the hands of the experts you know and trust.
  • React quickly
    Our personalised service means we can react to your business needs quickly and efficiently.

Our website support process

We can recommend and set up a website support solution that's matched to your business. There are three areas we inspect when designing a support solution:


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Website hosting

Without the right hosting infrastructure and expertise, your business is losing money. Website downtime. Slow server speed. Security threats. All can be costly for your business. So making the right investment in hosting pays off.

At Digital360, we recommend Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our clients’ hosting provider. As one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, we believe that Amazon’s cloud hosting solutions will deliver the best results for your business.

We can set-up and manage your AWS hosting environment. That means your business will get access to world-class computing – but with a customised and tailored touch. We'll make sure that your website is working hard for your business.

Managed SilverStripe infrastructure

Being proactive about the maintenance of your content management system (CMS) reduces risk. Throughout the year, SilverStripe releases updates for both the CMS and developer framework. These updates are a continual process of strengthening your website and its underlying framework.

Just like car maintenance, business owners have a choice with their website maintenance. On one hand, they can choose to minimise future issues through proactive maintenance of their website infrastructure. Or they can choose not to update their website infrastructure and react to the issues when they occur.

A business that chooses not to update their infrastructure increases the risk of website failure and under-performance. But there's another option. Our managed SilverStripe infrastructure service means that your business is proactive about the maintenance of your website. Reducing risk, improving performance and enhancing functionality.

Technical support

In today’s digital world, there are many moving parts that have an impact on your digital assets. With our troubleshooting support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are supported and protected from the unknown.

What can go wrong? A new browser update can create a rendering issue. Or a mobile operating system can cut support for a third-party application. A new security threat could emerge. Or a analytics tracker could misbehave.

Our team of experts are like an emergency mechanic when your car breaks down. You won't need the service every day – but you’ll be glad to have them, ready to go. And we don’t do account numbers or queues. You can expect to be deal with the digital specialists you know and trust.