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Social media marketing

Looking to reach out with social media? We're a social media marketing agency that understands ROI. Our focus is integrating social media with digital and business strategy.

Discover your audience. And you'll discover your customers.

Marketing on social media is not like traditional advertising. You cannot broadcast a generic message. You need to earn the trust and respect of your audience. You're a business in their social space – so use the opportunity to offer something they'll want.

At Digital360, we start with the data. Who is your target audience? And how can they be reached? Our social media marketing agency specialists then blend data insights with creative copy and design. The result is social media, finally done right.

We focus on the bigger picture. Your social media marketing – whether that's Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube – is part of a digital strategy that's built on your business goals. Your investment is put towards one thing – growing your business.

Our solutions

Social media reports

Clicks. Shares. Likes. In social media, these are all important metrics. But only when they're growing your business. Social media reporting is a tool to track the progress of social media campaigns. But it also aids in helping meet business objectives – such as cost-per-conversion and sales.

Digital360 clients get complete access to the progress of their social media campaigns. This data helps both our specialists and our clients understand the performance of social media. And it keeps us accountable. It's your business, after all.

How we deliver a competitive advantage

Standing out in the crowded world of social. Sounds like an impossible task? Not with the right team of experts using best-practice techniques. Copywriting and content. Tailor-made creative. Precise audience targeting and monitoring. Our social media experts have a complete range of tools ready for your next campaign.

So whether your looking for promotion or engagement, our social media programs are focussed on delivering business results. We can achieve this thanks to our full range of digital services. That means your social media activity integrates seamlessly into a complete digital strategy.

Our technology: EngineRoom

Understanding your audience comes from understanding data. Audience metrics. Ad clicks-through and engagement. Budget spends. With all this information, calculating your real return on investment is a challenge. But with the right tools, social media performance can be made clear.

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, we've developed custom Audience Intelligence technology for our clients. These tools help businesses understand how their digital programs are growing their business. It's then easy to extract insights, guide business strategy and achieve success from social media marketing.

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