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Search engine marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing can give a business constant stream of quality leads. Our service is tailored to your business by our in-house specialists in search marketing.

More leads. In the areas you want.

Pay-per-click search engine marketing (SEM) is a fast way to generate new business. But achieving great SEM results requires solid research and planning.

That's why we find out about your business and break it down into segments. We reveal the pockets of growth potential. And we set up creative PPC campaigns for success. The result is a stream of new leads that are more likely to convert, spend more, and become repeat customers.

Everything is delivered by a search marketing expert you can rely on. We meet with our clients monthly, provide detailed reports – all benchmarked against performance goals. That means no outsourcing. And no generic strategy. Everything is done in-house by industry specialists.

Our platforms

Monthly SEM reports

We value account transparency and accountability. We believe if our clients understand the performance of campaigns, they'll make better business decisions.

And that's why we've embedded reporting into our PPC management services.

Our clients receive in-depth monthly reports on the progress of their PPC spend. You'll know exactly what we do – and why. Then we can work together on strategy to achieve your business growth targets.

Gaining a competitive advantage

Bid strategies matched to your goals. A range of brand and non-brand keywords. Ad scheduling and device adjustment. There's a range of PPC management tools to optimise your campaign for a better ROI.

We'll understand your business, extract the right data and set campaigns up for success. And as an agency focussed on real results, our performance is important to us. That's why we have conversion tracking to see the real impact of your campaigns.

Our technology: EngineRoom

Understanding the performance of your PPC campaigns is critical to the health of your business. Costs-per-click. Conversions. Monthly spend. Imagine sorting the volume of data so that insights were clear and gave your business complete visibility on performance.

That's why we developed custom technology for our clients. EngineRoom helps clients understand how their digital programs are growing their business. Imagine all the relevant PPC management data, all in one place.

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