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Email marketing

The most valuable customers? Repeats and referrals. Our email marketing services and EDMs help you take advantage of your existing customer database.

For email that skips the trash

Your customers hate spam. So build relationships by creating value, using email as the key. Reach out with a special deal. Engage a with a helpful resource at the right moment. Or keep your community updated with the latest industry news. However you use it, email remains a cornerstone of digital marketing.

We take data analysis and combine it with crafty copywriting, stunning design and stable development. Before launch, everything is tested to look great on any device. And everything is integrated into your other channels and assets – such as social media or landing pages.

Then we track campaigns. We measure them. And learn through data insights. We're here to make sure you reach marketing objectives– whether that's making a sale, or building long term customer loyalty.

Email marketing reports

Great analysis is the key to building great email campaigns. With the right tools, future campaigns can be informed by historical analysis. It's a process of development and improvement. And with our email marketing reports, this becomes simple.

Our clients can view everything about their email marketing. Open rates, bounce rates, clicks. We can see which audience segments had high engagement. And which ones didn't. But most importantly: we can see how your email marketing is generating sales. This data is a valuable tool in optimising campaigns and achieving better email marketing ROI.

Gaining a competitive advantage

How can a business stay ahead in the noisy world of email marketing? Why do some emails hit the trash, when others are opened? It's different for every industry. But whatever your business, we know we can deliver a competitive advantage by delivering extra value to your audience.

What does this value look like? It's responsive email formats that look great on any device. It's snappy subject lines. It's high-quality content. It's testing, tagging and tracking. It's about combining great creative with solid development – then analysing the results.

The tools of email marketing

Real-time maps are a key tool for monitoring the effectiveness of a campaign. The ability to track and measure campaigns is a powerful tool for businesses. This data gives businesses the ability to manage a campaign with precision.

  • Real-time data
  • Worldview dashboard
  • Customer profiles
  • Email database management

You'll see where emails are being opened and how the audience in engaging with the campaign. And sales can be attributed to certain calls-to-action and copy. This insight makes the refinement of future campaigns fast and effective.

Our technology: EngineRoom

It's hard to keep track of email campaign data. Open rates and bounces. Audience databases. Clicks and measurement. All this data is great – for those who have the time. But what's more important is understanding how email marketing is growing your business.

That's why we created a custom dashboard for our clients, called EngineRoom. This tool helps businesses understand how their digital programs are performing. And more importantly, how they're contributing to a digital strategy and growing the business. What's your next business move?

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