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Digital marketing

Digital marketing reports

Get the digital marketing reports your business needs to make decisions faster – and with more confidence. Our digital marketing reports deliver you key insights each month for across SEO, SEM, display and more.

Detailed digital marketing reports

Reporting is integral to our digital marketing services. We share campaign and program data to help you understand how your digital marketing is driving your business forward. Our digital marketing reporting includes:

  • Search engine optimisation reports – Traffic volumes, sources and backlink profiles.
  • PPC search engine marketing reports – Click-through rates and cost-per-conversion data.
  • PPC display marketing reports – Key performance analytics and campaign engagement.
  • Social media marketing reports – Audience analytics and campaign data.
  • Email marketing reports – Click-through rates, engagement levels and conversion data.
Marketing reports. Made for the data-driven organisation.

Analytics are a central part of the data-driven organisation. Why? Because the data-driven organisation uses data insights to drive all key decisions – from reviewing marketing performance to making investments in technology. That means faster decision making with more confidence.

How does reporting fit into this picture? Because detailed reports uncover the data insights that reveal new pockets for growth. That means you can build and adjust digital strategy faster, become more reactive to market conditions, and be faster to market than you competitors. It's all about taking advantage of new business opportunities.

With reporting, you can also track the performance of campaigns. You'll know where your wins – and your losses – are. This allows you to learn more about your audience, optimise future campaigns and increase marketing performance and ROI.

The detail you need. When you need it.

Our reporting tools give you the amount of detail you need. We provide overviews of the month with major insights. First, there's account performance, key trend lines and conversion tracking. Then there's granular level of detail for each campaign, in your digital marketing programs such as SEO and PPC.

And everything is linked with your personalised business dashboard, Engine Room. At any time you can get key insights. Or download full reports from a central database. EngineRoom is about giving you a complete picture of your digital marketing performance and how it fits into your business goals.

The result is better decision-making, more opportunities, and a more efficient partnership with our digital marketing team. With Digital360, you'll have the tools and insights to gain a competitive advantage and grow your business.

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Achieving business outcomes

How does digital marketing reporting lead to real business outcomes? By discovering more valuable leads. Increasing brand engagement. Converting more sales. And boosting long term customer engagement. Digital marketing reporting is a tool to help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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