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Content strategy

Content analysis

Know what works. And why. An analysis of your web content is essential in building and optimising your content strategy. It means your business knows where to invest and what content is delivering a return on investment.

Why choose Digital360?

Data and analysis play an important role at every stage in content strategy – from creation to amplification and optimisation. That's why we set up your content assets with measurement tools designed to extract deep insights. From discovering content topics to uncovering the key areas to focus, our analysts know where to focus your investment. And the benefits are not limited to content strategy. Content analysis also informs the development of new digital assets or the refinement social media marketing strategy. With our content analysis, your entire digital strategy goes from strength to strength.

How we can help

Content and SEO audit

Build on a solid foundation

Analysis starts with understanding your content landscape: the size, scope, quality, performance and relevancy of your content. By understanding the basics, we'll set the direction of your website and discover your areas of strength.

Content tracking

Track your most popular content

Know where your audience goes – from where they enter to what makes them convert. All this can be done with a solid foundation of tagging, conversion tracking and analytics tools. It's the resulting feed of data that, when analysed, can make deep insights possible.

Audience Intelligence

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is a crucial part of any content strategy. With Audience Intelligence from EngineRoom, we hand these insights to you. You'll know who's visiting your site and why. This data informs your wider digital strategy, offering new opportunities for business growth.

Optimisation and review

Increase the ROI of content

Content analysis can result in the creation of new content. Or it might result in the optimisation of existing content for more conversions or stronger SEO performance. We'll focus on whatever delivers the best return for your investment.

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