The latest and greatest digital transformation tools for Australian businesses

Digital360 on 16 June 2017

If you’re running a small business, finding the time to keep up with new software developments is easier said than done. Working with a best-practice digital advisory service can give you access to leading expertise across all digital fields, including the latest in software available to Australian businesses.

If you're seeking new tools or just want to be in the know, here’s a list of the top 6 small business software programs for Australian businesses.

For the office

Google Drive

While Google Drive may not be the newest software, this list would be incomplete without it.

Google Drive is fantastic when it comes to internal and external collaboration. Small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of its simple email setup, shared calendars and cloud sharing and storage via Google Docs. Essentially, it allows you to keep all your important information in one place, accessible to everyone at all times.

Collaboration is at the heart of Google Drive. While some information can be made available to your whole team, other files can be segmented. This is perfect for keeping information team-specific.

For communication


Most messaging platforms on the market are geared toward larger business. Slack, however, is a straightforward communication channel that can work well for smaller businesses, too. Messages can be sent in three different ways:

  • Open channels – These can be created for specific departments or topics. It means that discussions and notifications will focus on a single purpose – say, accounts or marketing.
  • Private channels – These are invite-only channels that only specific team members can see.
  • Direct messages – This works like an instant messaging function for when you need to contact just one person, instead of a group.

Slack allows you to share files, and makes searching for past conversation threads easy. You can also customise your notification preferences to receive channel or keyword-specific alerts. And Slack isn’t just for your computer – they offer iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps too.

For productivity


If you’re running a small business, you’ll know how important it is – and how difficult it can be – to keep on top of all the moving parts in your company. Trello is a collaborative organisation tool made to help with just that. It helps you keep track of your projects, clients, and workflow with these key features:

  • Boards – These are ideal for managing projects. Boards can be set up according to topics or categories, and different members can be added to different Boards.
  • Lists – Lists break down Boards into smaller categories, and are used to help track progress.
  • Cards – Cards break it down even further. These can be used as checklists, to make comments, add files or images, or even be individual tasks. Cards can be moved between lists throughout your project’s development.

For accounting and bookkeeping


Xero is leading cloud software accounting. It brings all of your accounting essentials together – including payroll processing – into one user-friendly program. It offers a cloud-based workflow system, which means natural integration with your other workplace tools, such as Google Drive.

Xero’s efficiency makes it ideal for smaller businesses. Balances and receipts can be managed on mobile, and bank statements are received automatically. Invoices can even be processed via Xero’s mobile app, handy for Australian businesses on-the-go.

For human resources

Employment Hero

Employment Hero is an Australian small business software program. It combines HR, payroll, and employment benefit services all in one. It takes full-service HR resources to the cloud, making top-level systems accessible to smaller businesses. This includes access to the expertise of HR consultants and employment lawyers when needed.

The all-in-one program is enormously time-efficient. By making HR paperless and automated, employment management is easier than ever before. Even typical paperwork – think Tax File declarations, employment contracts, and superannuation forms – can be handled digitally using electronic signatures.

For entertainment


Digital transformation is more than making your business more efficient – it’s about making it fun for your staff too. Sonos allows your entire office or business to have control over a single music system. Sonos is continuously updated with new music, all licensed for business use. All you need to do is buy the wireless speakers to get full access to the streaming service.

Sonos integrates with a number of music services including custom channels, Spotify for Business, Pandora and Soundcloud. Instead of purchasing a music subscription, speakers, and getting those speakers installed separately – Sono offers it all in one. Best of all, its business license ensures that your company is always above board.

Digital transformation and your business

If you’re ready to begin your digital transformation, these small business software programs are a great place to start. If you want smooth integration between your business strategy and your digital strategy, look no further than digital transformation platform, EngineRoom, to create a central hub for managing both digital and business goals.

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