Here are the businesses leading social media marketing in Melbourne

Digital360 on 29 May 2017

Over the last few years, social media marketing has become more innovative than ever. Businesses are taking advantage of new developments on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, and aren’t shying away from stepping outside of their comfort zones.

Check out these three businesses doing just that, and getting ahead of the Melbourne social media marketing game.

1. Ace Karts

Ace Karts is an outdoor racing destination taking it one step further on Facebook. Their May ‘Ready. Set. Reverse’ campaign truly makes the most of Facebook advertising tactics.

Their Facebook cover image advertises their campaign, meaning it’s the first thing their page visitors will see. They’ve also boosted the campaign’s shareability by creating a Facebook event. This will pop up in Newsfeeds when their followers click the ‘Interested’ or ‘Attending’ event button. Customers can also ‘invite’ their friends to attend the event, which increases both reach and awareness.

Ace Karts breaks up their ‘Ready. Set. Reverse.’ promotion with high visitor value posts, including shared content from the Formula 1 and Supercars Facebook pages. All of their content is expertly audience-targeted, appealing to their predominant demographic of young males.

They post content – both promotional and of customer interest – almost daily, meaning their reach remains steady. And their campaign content always includes a clear call-to-action, which boosts high user engagement and campaign conversions.

2. Chin Chin

Renowned for nailing their social media marketing campaigns, Chin Chin is part of the Lucas Group restaurant empire. Today, Chin Chin’s Instagram boasts a whopping 41.7k followers. They’re a prime example of a Melbourne social media marketing account getting it right – and on a huge scale.

Their Instagram campaign ticks all the right boxes when it comes to visual design and audience targeting. They post bright, visually-stunning photos of food from their menu daily, making the most the platform’s grid format. A single image of a table spread is sometimes slow-revealed over multiple posts.

Chin Chin’s Instagram also takes followers ‘behind the scenes’. There are images of staff prepping, cooking – even just hanging out – in the kitchen, and mini-profiles introducing team members.

Their social media success – especially in its early days – lies in their expert audience targeting. They appeal to their millennial and young working professional demographic by never taking themselves too seriously. Their captions are often tongue-in-cheek, and make pop and ‘internet culture’ references. They aren’t afraid to repost the occasional customer ‘selfie’ either.

3. Readings

Readings is an independent bookstore who – with their 28k following – are officially leading the game on Twitter when it comes to social media marketing in Melbourne. Readings ‘tweet’ content around four times daily, but also uses the platform to interact with their customers, and answer any customer queries.

They boost traffic and engagement by sharing their blog content, which includes interviews, mini-reviews, and weekly best-seller lists. They also tweet catchy one-liner blurbs that link back to new releases in their online store.

Outside of promoting their own content, Readings uses Twitter to engage with their community. This helps boost both awareness and reach. They promote local events and writers’ festivals, and ‘Retweet’ relevant content.

Although Readings’ customer demographic is broad, their account targets their shared interest in reading and literature. They ‘Retweet’ high-value content from publications on topics about reading, writing, and the publishing industry.

Getting social media right

Despite the ever-changing social media landscape, these three Melbourne businesses have managed to keep up with – and are winning at – social media marketing.

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