What you need to know about B2B content marketing (and how a content marketing agency can help)

Digital360 on 20 June 2017

B2B content marketing gives your business the chance to connect with other businesses. It gives your brand a voice and boosts your credibility in your industry. In the modern world of digital marketing, content is how you can drive leads and sales for your business.

The rules of content marketing for B2B are a little different to B2C marketing, and if you don’t know where to begin, a credible content marketing agency can set you on the right track. But first, here the content marketing basics to help you get started.


When delivering your message, audience targeting is as important as ever. Consider who in the organisation will be engaging with your content. Is it likely to be company directors or marketing managers? What are their needs and how can you build a relationship with these stakeholders? Take into account their level of expertise, and the kind of call-to-actions that will appeal to them.

Messages that appeal to your credibility and build trust are going to perform best for your target audience. You want to focus on raising your brand awareness, and demonstrate to other businesses how you can provide an ideal solution.


When it comes to B2Bs, it’s no surprise that user-generated content tends to take a backseat. Instead, you’re likely to see the most success using these top B2B formats:

  • Blog posts – These are great for targeting specific audiences by addressing certain topics. It helps your business grow beyond being just a business – you can become a valuable industry resource, too.
  • Case studies – These provide proof to your audience that your credible, authoritative company. It demonstrates your success. Case studies show just how your product or service worked from start to finish, backed by a customer or client endorsement.
  • Videos – Video content is a great option for more information-heavy content, such as product demonstrations. Presentations and webinars can also show your company as being at the forefront of your industry. To boost your credibility further, customer testimonials and stories can be compiled into a video, which can also later be used as referrals.


Without a doubt, email marketing has stood the test of time. Done right, its success is unparalleled when it comes to consistent lead generation. Your email lists can be segmented to target particular businesses and their needs, meaning you’ll be reaching out to an already-engaged audience.

But how can you amplify your content marketing program beyond email marketing? B2Bs can look to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Using social media as a channel for content marketing isn’t just for B2Cs. With the right strategy, B2Bs can increase reach, awareness, and engagement like never before.

LinkedIn, in particular, is made for relationship and contact building. It’s the first place that managers and CEOs go to cross-reference contacts and make purchasing decisions. The trick to social media for B2Bs is getting audience targeting right – industry type, interests and job titles all play a part.

How a content marketing agency can help

Building your content marketing campaign from the bottom up is no easy task. From choosing your content management system to monitoring and updating your publishing calendar – content marketing alone can leave your hands full.

While you can hire an in-house expert, or outsource to a freelancer, a content marketing agency can have all your B2B marketing needs under one roof. This means you can concentrate on running your business, all the while knowing your content marketing strategy is being looked after.

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