Three social media platforms you can use to engage your target audience

Digital360 on 2 May 2017

If you manage a B2C business, social media marketing campaigns are the ticket to raising brand awareness, attracting new customers, and keeping those customers engaged. Social media marketing gives your business a face and a voice, allowing you to create relationships long before transactions are made.

Although there’s no hard and fast answer – the best social media marketing platform will depend on your business and audience – there are some platforms your B2C business should try first. With that in mind, here are the best-performing platforms across B2C social media:


Facebook is a fantastic platform for customer interaction, and is often the first port-of-call when beginning with social media marketing. Facebook encourages your audience to ‘Like’, share and comment on your posts, and you can create posts that link back to your website. This is great for when there’s a sale or special deal, or you have a new blog or article up.

The key to social media for B2C businesses is to be consistent, and create and share entertaining content that involves your customers in some way. This could be a video or article, which prompts your audience to tag their friends, or a competition giveaway where users need to tag and share your post to be in the draw.

The thing that can be tricky about Facebook is overcoming its algorithm. Facebook sometimes reads a shared link as spam, and so it may not show up in your followers’ Facebook Newsfeed. Uploading an image and then attaching the link can sometimes undermine this, but other factors like the timing of your post and the number of people who immediately interact with it also contribute to its reach and exposure.

Facebook may be the best type of social media for your B2C business if you know you’ll be dedicated to making consistent posts, and your marketing goals are to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.


The most active Instagram users tend to be of a younger age demographic. If this aligns with your target audience, then Instagram may be the perfect social media marketing platform for your B2C business.

Instagram’s appeal lies in its digestibility – very visual, little writing. Having carefully crafted, visual posts is the first step to marketing your brand on Instagram. Curating your aesthetic could mean sticking to a particular colour scheme, or deciding to go minimalist or kitsch – it’s up to you, and whatever reflects your brand best.

While Instagram is still great for customer interaction, the reason that people will follow your business is often to see behind-the-scenes action, and feel as though they’re involved in your brand. This is platform has proven to be great if your B2C business is a retail one, where you can also post images of your product. However, trade and service B2C businesses can still take advantage of its visual format, and focus more so on the behind-the-scenes element.

The platform’s brand new features, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, are also fantastic ways to showcase these 'behind-the-scenes' moments.

The top marketing strategies for Instagram customer engagement includes competitions, where followers again tag and share your post, and hashtag campaigns, where they are encouraged to create a post themselves with a hashtag that your brand has come up with, and which draws attention to your company.

If your B2C business is targeted toward a younger audience, and your products are best marketed visually, this may be the ideal social media marketing platform for you.


In the past, Pinterest has received mixed opinions as a social media platform for B2C businesses, but it’s now known as one of the best to have your business discovered organically. This has less to do with its user base, and more to do with how content on Pinterest may help your business show up more often on Google. It’s a great way to have an accessible online presence outside of your main webpage.

Like Instagram, Pinterest will serve you best if your company markets visually – if you sell fashion, art, or beauty products, or if your business is related to cooking, gardening, DIY, interior design, travel, or exercise, then this may be the social media marketing platform you want. Pinterest’s demographic tends to be heavily female, so keep this in mind too.

The best way to engage customers with your brand on Pinterest is simple – create a number of Pinterest boards that communicate your brand image, and make sure the images link back to your site. Since Pinterest is used as an ‘inspiration site’, it’s important that your images stick to a consistent, preferably trendy aesthetic.

If your target audience is predominantly female, and your brand and webpage is already image-heavy and marketed with a visual aesthetic in mind, Pinterest may be a great way to further build and share your online presence.

Final thoughts

Although Snapchat is still used by B2C businesses, it is still a relatively new platform for social media marketing, with its effectiveness yet to be proven.

And yes, there’s no straight answer about which social media platform is number one for B2C marketing, but the best strategy is – undoubtedly – to try all three. But if you’re managing a B2C business, and don’t know where exactly to begin, an SEO company’s social media marketing services can step in and manage your digital strategy from start finish.

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