Digital360 on 1 August 2017

So, you’ve taken the first steps into the world of social media marketing. That’s great! Facebook is a fantastic place for small businesses to begin, no matter your size or industry. Many businesses see excellent results from Facebook advertising.

However, you may have run into this all-too-common problem: your Facebook posts receive little to no 'Likes', comments, or shares -- what Facebook calls 'engagement'. If you’re posting great, audience-targeted content, it’s likely that the issue lies in low ‘reach’.

Newsfeed content is incredibly competitive. The posts each user sees on their Newsfeed are determined by Facebook's algorithm – which learns what the user enjoys by analysing behaviour. Since users often like seeing posts about their friends and family, Facebook tends to prioritise these posts as opposed to business pages and business content.

If you’re not working with a credible social media marketing agency, figuring out exactly how to boost your post reach can be tricky. So, what exactly can you do to ensure your posts are making the highest reach possible?

Build audience engagement with great content

Building engagement is critical to boosting your reach. The more that people interact with your posts and page, the more that Facebook pushes your content into Newsfeeds. Facebook’s algorithm takes notice of popular pages and in turn increases the visibility of those pages.

How exactly can you get your followers Liking, commenting, and sharing your posts? Creating relevant and interesting content is the first crucial step. While linking back to blog posts and articles is always fantastic for driving site traffic, try and get creative.

The most shareable posts on Facebook have proven to be visual ones, meaning photo and video content. Instead of leading your audience to a landing page, this type of content strives for the entertainment factor. This is great for building engagement, as Facebook users won't navigate outside of the platform unless they’re really intrigued by the post.

However, building your reach in this way – ‘organically’ – takes time. If this is time you just don’t have, or you simply want to speed up the whole process, Facebook’s paid advertising campaigns might be the answer you’re looking for.

Use paid promotions to boost your reach

Amplify your content

Facebook allows you to create ‘boosted posts’, which are a quick, easy and budget-friendly way to increase your engagement. These posts appear more frequently in audience Newsfeeds, allowing you to make the most of your best-performing posts.

To choose which ones to boost, check out your Page Insights to see which posts generated the most Likes, reactions, comments, and shares. Because you know that these posts have already performed to your audience, you can cast a wider net for maximum success.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are excellent for boosting the reach of specific promotional material. Facebook's audience targeting is unparalleled when it comes to social media. The audience data considers each user's general Facebook activity, including the pages they’ve Liked and connections they’ve made.

This means you can create target groups based on age, gender, location, profession, interests, behaviours and connections. Beyond that, Facebook advertising is incredibly cost-effective and ensures each campaign reaches its ideal audience.

Reach out to a social media marketing agency for help

If you’re strapped for time – or truly want your Facebook advertising campaign to hit the ground running – consider working with a best-practice social media marketing agency. They’ll also help you plan, execute, and maintain your social media marketing strategy from start to finish.

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