What should be in your digital agency’s SEO reporting?

Digital360 on 24 July 2017

SEO reporting is an essential element of your SEO program. It means your SEO agency is dedicated to your goals – the last thing you want is to invest in an agency for a year, just to find out later that both your time and money have been wasted.

It can take months to experience results from an SEO program. So it's important that your SEO agency is keeping you updated with the latest developments using digital marketing reports. But what exactly should you expect in these reports, especially at the beginning of your SEO journey?

What should be included in your digital marketing reports?

Campaign and channel breakdown

Your digital marketing reports should align with your business outcomes. A great report will include campaign-specific breakdowns, helping you clearly track your progress against your goals. Your agency should not only tell you which campaigns are the most successful (be it social media, email, or PPC marketing) but also to which channels are bringing in the most leads.

Website source visits and website traffic

Your SEO reports should always show where your site visitors have come from. This could be via organic searches, SEO or paid campaigns. Your agency should also provide a detailed report on your website traffic in relation to these results. This helps you understand which marketing avenues are the most successful, and which could be improved going forward.

Breakdown of conversions and leads

Monitoring your conversion rate is key to the success of your marketing strategy. It may be that many of your leads are via an email campaign or referrals traffic, in addition to organic searches. If you’re a business owner, keeping tabs on these leads is one of the best ways to track your growth. For instance, knowing which email campaigns result in the most conversions will help you know where to focus your future efforts.

How often should you receive digital marketing reports?

While this depends on the size of your business, a best-practice SEO agency will often meet with you, face-to-face, each month. These meetings are an opportunity for the SEO agency to share the details of their reports and help you understand the best ways your company's success can grow.

If necessary, these monthly insights can be broken up with weekly email or phone catch-ups. The benefit of regular SEO reporting means that your business can adapt to new trends as quickly as possible. It also means that you’re always being kept in the loop and can rest-assured knowing that your business is in the right hands.

How should you receive your SEO reports?

The best SEO agencies will provide you with accessible copies of your reports. Know which report formats you should expect from your SEO agency:

  • A phone call – At first, a receiving a phone call from your SEO manager seems personal and engaging. But receiving your SEO report via phone is actually a warning sign. It’s impossible to keep track of your results, and you have no record of your report to check back on later if you're unsatisfied with your SEO agency's results.
  • Email reports – While better than phone reports, email reports are still below-standard. Regular email communication is important, but your formal SEO report should be more detailed. You’re likely to miss out on key insights, and instead be provided with a more cursory overview of your SEO results. The best SEO agencies will steer clear from these.
  • PDF reports – If your reports don’t require too much detail, PDF reports may suit your needs for the time being. While it may be handy to have a PDF report overview, depending on your business, a PDF report may mean that some more granular details can be overlooked.
  • Online reports – Comparatively, online reports are a much better option, as you can view your results anytime, anywhere.
  • Business intelligence dashboard reports – A Business Intelligence dashboard is the future of SEO and digital agency reporting tools. You can access these online, with the option of downloading your full report at any time. These reports allow you to analyse every level of data yourself, and provide you with a complete picture of how your SEO strategy measures against your goals.

Are you with the right SEO agency?

Because SEO is a long-term strategy, understanding the work that has been completed and when – and the kinds of results that have been yielded – can help you predict your future marketing growth. Your SEO reports should be frequent, detailed, and provide all the key marketing insights you need. If it sounds like your SEO agency is cutting corners in your digital marketing reports, it might be time to find another agency.

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