Here’s why every PPC agency is targeting Bing Ads in their digital strategy

Digital360 on 28 May 2017

Google may be at the top of the search engine marketing game, but that doesn’t mean you and your business should stop there. While it might not be the dominant search marketing player, Bing reaches out to those customers that Google typically misses – and around 50 million customers at that.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, Bing can help you reach a whole new range of platforms and devices. Bing integrates with Cortana (Microsoft’s intelligent assistant system for Windows), Microsoft Office, and Bing’s partner network sites, which include AOL and The Wall Street Journal.

While Bing’s audience tends to be US-based, with the majority of users in their mid-30s to mid-40s, don’t discount Bing if your customers are in Australia. Bing is the second-most used search engine in Australia, coming in before Yahoo. So, how can your business make the most Bings Ads? Read on to find out the top 5 reasons PPC agencies are looking to Bing Ads.

1. More dollar value

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, your budget is your priority. AdWords, with its huge base of advertisers, is highly competitive. And if your industry is a large one, your AdWords bidding can burn a hole in the company hip pocket – fast.

The upside of advertising with Bing Ads is that it's generally less competitive. Bing Ads CPA (meaning ‘cost per action’) is significantly lower than AdWords. That means you pay a lot less for those competitive keywords in return for a much higher ad ranking.

2. Maintain your online reach

When it comes to search engine marketing, it’s important you don't put all your eggs in one basket. We all know how drastically Google can update its algorithms without warning. What once were best-practice search marketing tactics can suddenly, and without warning, change.

Advertising with Bing Ads is a great backup if your site is hit out of the blue by an algorithm change. You’ll be safe knowing that you’re not going to lose all of your search engine traffic.

3. AdWords campaign importing

It's no secret that pay-per-click advertising isn’t easy to master. And, once you’ve got it down pat on one platform, the last thing you want is to go through that tedious process all over again. The good news is the Bing Ads gets it – you can integrate your entire Google AdWords campaign with a simple migration tool.

You might have to do a little content tweaking here and there, but Bing Ads is more or less designed to be similar to AdWords. Even the ad formatting is alike. This means it won't take more than a few minutes to get the hang of Bing Ad's user interface.

4. Search Partner flexibility

Bing Ads allow you to target campaigns just for Bing and Yahoo, excluding other Search Partners. This gives you much more control over who can see your ads, especially when compared to AdWords campaigns.

Advertising with Bing Ads means you can monitor which sites in your Search Partner network are bringing in the best returns. Unlike on AdWords, you can exclude low-performing and less cost-effective Search Partner sites from your campaign. Whereas Google operates only with the user in mind, Bing tends to consider the advertiser too.

5. Search demographic targeting

AdWords allows some form of demographic targeting – namely, on the Google Display Network – but not when it comes down to the search PPC. Here is where Bing stands out. Advertising with Bing Ads means you’re able to take advantage of its advanced search demographic targeting tool.

You can target your ads based on age and gender demographics, which is perfect for those small and medium-sized businesses who know their target audience well. It also means you can gear particular campaigns toward certain demographics if your audience base is a diverse one.

How a PPC agency can help your Bing Ads campaign

To make sure your SEM ads reach your target audience without paying too much, the best PPC campaign will combine both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. But juggling one – let alone two – pay-per-click campaigns on top of running your business is no easy task. This is the perfect opportunity for a best-practice digital agency to help take the load off your hands.

A dedicated search engine marketing team will know how much Bing Ads has to offer small and medium-sized businesses. They’re in the know about everything search engine marketing-related. Beyond that, they have the expertise to tailor your Bing Ads campaign just to suit your business and reach your advertising goals.

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