A checklist of questions to ask digital agencies in Melbourne

Digital360 on 16 June 2017

Finding the ideal digital agency can be a daunting task. Even once you've found a potential match, how can you be sure they are really the right fit for you and your business?

Before choosing your digital agency in Melbourne, ask each these 6 essential questions.

1. 'What is your specialisation?'

It’s important that your agency's services match up with your business’s needs. Is your goal a targeted one – say, to deliver a social media marketing strategy or perform website optimisation? Or do you need an agency that can build an entire digital strategy from the ground up?

If your company needs a complete range of digital skills, an agency that offers a full digital service may be your best bet. However, if you already have a digital strategy in place and just need the expertise to deliver it, then a specialist agency may be more relevant to your needs.

2. 'What is your client base like?'

When scoping out digital agencies in Melbourne, find out whether or not they’ve worked in your industry (or a similar industry) before. This experience can make all the difference when it comes to developing a successful digital strategy.

Ask them which strategies they’ve used in the past for businesses similar to your own. What did their successes look like? Do any team members have specific experience in your industry?

Your agency should get to know your audience and customers as closely as you do. And they'll learn much more about your market with access to data analytics and insights. Understanding what makes your audience tick is key to your business's growth in digital.

3. 'Can I see your portfolio?'

Before hiring your digital agency, ensure they’ve seen their past success in achieving client goals. Their strategies might sound great in theory, but it’s almost impossible to be sure until you’ve seen them put to practice.

Ask around Melbourne digital agencies for a portfolio and case study examples. Get them to talk you through the studies with a focus on the business’ overall growth. If case studies on industry-related businesses show overall success – great news.

But beware of agencies with a thin track record of success. It may mean their clients won't endorse their work.

4. 'Where is your office based?'

Although communication can technically be based entirely online these days, physical meetings remain an important part of a client-agency relationship. A local digital agency can make all the difference when it comes to communication and building a strong working relationship.

This is especially the case if you aren’t well-versed in digital marketing jargon. Face-to-face communication will be key to helping you understand the ins-and-outs of your strategy. It also means that your agency can't hide behind the phone or email – they remain accountable when located near your business.

Most digital agencies in Melbourne will be based in South Yarra, Richmond, Cremorne, and the CBD. Consider your agency's location, and how convenient it is for you to get to regular meetings and consultations. Or alternatively, ask your account manager or analyst to visit your business on a regular basis.

5. 'Who will be managing my account?'

It’s important to know who you’ll be working with on a day-to-day basis. Ask if you can meet your potential account manager, executive or analyst. This is where you can find out if they share your vision and business objectives.

Also, ask how many clients your account manager works with at a time. Here, you can gauge their level of commitment per client. If you get the sense that they’re juggling multiple projects at a time, they may be stretched too thin to give your company the attention it needs.

Keep in mind that some agencies will outsource their work overseas. This defeats the purpose of working with a digital agency in Melbourne. It removes the communication benefits – amongst many others, including quality of work.

6. 'How do you report your results?'

It’s great to know up-front how (and how often) a digital agency reports their results. If you’re a small to medium-sized business, regular communication in addition to monthly reports could be an ideal level of communication.

Consider which results are most important to you. Then, ask whether your reports can be tailored to this criteria. Ask each prospective agency about analytics, metrics, and meeting benchmarks. This data should be communicated in relation to business goals, such as revenue growth or cost per lead.

Look out for agencies that are easy to communicate with and understand the needs of your business, not just your marketing needs.

Finding a digital agency

So you've created a short list of a Melbourne digital agencies, but don't know how to make that final decision? Check their online reputation. These resources are great for helping you find out 'real' company feedback:

  • Whirlpool – A great resource for staying up to date on the reputations of Australian businesses, including Australian digital agencies.
  • Glassdoor – A site where past employees share their experiences – both good and bad – with working for companies all over the world.
  • LinkedIn – Check out business connections, activity, and the level of expertise of key team members associated with the company account.

When it comes to finding a digital agency in Melbourne, the key is finding a partner that your business can work with on a long term basis. They need to understand your business goals and your industry. So it's worth spending the time finding the right digital agency partner for your business.

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