A guide to finding an SEO agency in Melbourne

Digital360 on 16 August 2017

If you’re a Melbourne SME owner, finding the perfect SEO company is easier said than done. There are great SEO agencies out there if you know what to look for. Working with a best-practice Melbourne SEO agency means access to leading digital expertise, reporting and software to help you meet your business goals – and beyond.

How can you tell which SEO company is best for your business?

Know which SEO agencies to avoid

The first step to creating a shortlist of potential SEO agencies in Melbourne is separating the good from the bad. The qualities of a credible SEO agency are easy to spot, but it can be tricky to work out whether an agency is ‘black hat’ until it’s too late. Some warning signs to look out for include:

  • They’re poor communicators – If you’re putting part of your business in somebody else’s hands, it’s essential that communication is clear, quick, and straightforward. If an agency dodges your questions, that’s an immediate red flag. The same goes for email communication. Look out for poor spelling and grammar – remember, this is who is going to be in charge of your web content.
  • They don’t look at the bigger picture – SEO is only one aspect of your business’ digital strategy. A great SEO agency will understand how SEO can fit in with – and boost – your many other goals and strategies.
  • They use outdated techniques – Look out for any agency that suggests the use of things like ‘link farming’ or purchasing links. While these are techniques that may have once worked long ago, they are now a quick way to reel in a Google penalty.
  • They make unrealistic promises – SEO can be unpredictable, and the best agencies will know that. Watch out for companies who promise you a specific number of links or a Google ranking in a short amount of time. SEO results are within short time frames is difficult to guarantee, so these agencies are likely using ‘black hat’ practices that will harm performance in the long term.

Ask potential agencies the right questions

Finding best-practice SEO companies in Melbourne comes down to asking the right questions. See if your agency meets your standards in terms of professionalism and expertise by asking:

  • If you can see past results – While this is proof that they can deliver on results, it’ll also give you an idea of how they measure their results. Do they base success on metrics like keyword positions and traffic? Or do they look further ahead and combined this data with conversion data and impact on overall business revenue?
  • If they have experience in your industry – Prior industry experience means your Melbourne SEO agency will know the ins-and-outs of your business landscape, customers, and your unique challenges and opportunities. While this shouldn’t make or break your decision, it’s helpful to know the difference that this may make in the long run.
  • How they calculate the cost of their services – Watch out for agencies that quote you an overall price without going into a detailed service breakdown. Stick to the credible agencies who demonstrate exactly how their hours are spent, why, and the specific services your business may need.
  • How they keep you involved – Although you may not be an SEO expert yourself, the last thing you want is to be kept in the dark about such an important part of your business' strategy. When it comes to content creation, find out your role in terms of collaboration and approval.

Choosing an SEO company in Melbourne

There are hundreds of digital agencies in Melbourne, which cater to all kinds of businesses from SMEs to larger corporations and everything in between. Your perfect agency should align with your budget, your industry, and your company's size and needs.

So, where should you begin your search? There are a number of SEO agency hotspots, including St Kilda and South Yarra (where our digital agency, Digital360 is based), Cremorne and Richmond, Melbourne’s CBD and South Melbourne, and Fitzroy and Collingwood.

For more information about SEO services in Melbourne, get in touch with one of our digital specialists.