What price do you put on an effective SEO strategy?

Digital360 on 31 August 2017

It’s Monday morning and you’ve just turned on the computer to check your emails. Among the usual list of business enquiries, meeting reminders and client responses is the familiar sight of… spam.

You’ve seen it all before. Dozens of emails from SEO companies who claim they can help your business rank number 1 on Google. Companies who deliver ‘high quality content’ and link building to boost your web traffic. And they do it at a fraction of the cost of other SEO agencies!

What a great deal, right? Not exactly.

Outsourcing an overseas SEO agency can be risky. Many of these offers come from agencies who have varying degrees of success, experience and technology at their disposal. When you accept one of these offers, you risk hiring someone who may be hard to communicate with, who relies on outdated or ineffective SEO practices, and most importantly – who doesn’t have an understanding of the local market.

Reasons to hire an SEO company in Australia

If you’re serious about outsourcing an SEO company, you can rely on the resources, experiences and local knowledge of SEO companies in Australia.

A local agency can develop a marketing strategy that’s tailored for your industry. You get a team of professionals who use proven SEO tactics and strategies to get the best results for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring an Australian SEO agency:

  • Powerful content – Content that’s poorly written and stuffed with keywords will do more harm than good in helping your website rank. Readability doesn’t actually influence the direct ranking of your website, however, it’s one of many indirect Google ranking factors that can lead to a poorly performing website. With a local SEO agency, your content is written by a professional copywriter, who’ll ensure your content is easy to read and emphasises the most powerful selling points.
  • Local knowledge – With more people relying on local searches to find what they want, having a well-written website or social media page is not enough. The rise of online directories (like Yelp) means you need to get noticed on these platforms. With a team of SEO specialists on your side, you can be seen on these directories and have a custom SEO-campaign developed to boost your rankings across different platforms.
  • Find your audience – Without relevant data to find a target audience – your marketing strategy is a guessing game. Don’t outsource to an SEO agency who doesn’t have the evidence to back up their claims. Reputable SEO companies in Australia have the technology and resources to analyse data from numerous sources.
  • Trustworthy links – Link building is all about being seen at the right time and the right place. A poor SEO agency will rely on ‘black hat’ techniques to help your website rank, which only results in you being penalised by Google and other search engines. A local SEO agency will have the resources and networking capabilities to boost your exposure in the right places. Whether it’s hosting an article on an influential website, ranking for certain keywords or cleaning up low-quality links – all of these factors can boost your organic search engine results.

Hiring an Australian SEO Agency

SEO is a complex process that should be handled by an experienced agency. It’s a vital role in your marketing campaign and only quality content, link building, and communication will help you get there.

Do you want to save money on cleaning up mistakes made from a poor SEO agency? Do you want a tailored SEO campaign that achieves your business goals? Then you can trust Australian SEO agencies to help you avoid being penalised by Google and generate real results for your business.

Talk to one of our Melbourne SEO specialists about growing your business with a tailored SEO strategy.