Digital360 on 3 July 2017

Content is king – we’ve all heard it before. We’ve also all heard that – no matter whether you keep it in-house or outsource – a great social media strategy is essential to digital marketing success. But how exactly do content marketing and social media work together?

Your content marketing strategy means creating content – whether as an educational resource or entertainment – that is valuable to your customers. It gives them something to share, boosting awareness of your brand. And that is where the role of social media comes in.

Why social media?

We already know that platforms like Facebook are becoming an essential part of modern marketing. Social media marketing allows you to promote your existing content. It’s a platform that puts your brand in the front-and-centre of your target audience.

In other words, social media is where your audience is. While it’s unlikely that your customers are going to visit your site every day, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll check social media news feeds. By frequently updating your page with new content, you’re keeping your brand at the top of their minds.

Social media’s sharing factor also plays a huge part in your content marketing strategy. If your followers see interesting, informative or fun content, they’re likely to share it among their followers and friends. This kind of engagement boosts your reach, and can increase click-through back to your site.

Targeted advertising also means that growing your audience base has never been easier. By targeting age, demographics, interests, job titles and location, your content is reaching a receptive audience.

Types of content to promote on social media

Much of your content marketing strategy is about increasing brand awareness, reach, and engagement. It’s no surprise social media marketing naturally comes into play. So, what kind of content can you share to help you meet your content marketing goals?

First, is your business B2B or B2C? Given their nature – business to consumer – B2Cs can really shine on social media. However, this doesn’t mean that B2B businesses can’t take advantage of platforms. But no matter the industry that you’re in, the most successful content you can share on social media includes:

  • Blog content – Sharing your blog posts drives traffic back to your site. Creating engaging, informative blog content also helps establish your brand as an authority in its field.
  • Videos – Keep your videos short and sweet. You can promote your products, advertise your services, livestream events, host Q&As, and show your audience the ‘behind the scenes’ at your company. This kind of content generally stays on social media – meaning it won’t link back to your site. However, it's high in user value and is great for creating engagement.
  • Images and infographics – Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, carefully curated visual content are a great way to communicate your story. For retail B2Cs, this is the perfect opportunity to promote to new products. Pairing images with your blog content posts also increases the chance your followers will click through to your site and make a purchase.

Social media tips

When it comes to integrating social media with content marketing, it can be tough to know where to begin. If you’re conducting marketing strategy in-house, there are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make content digestible – Easy-to-read content boosts engagement metrics, such as shares. Think engaging, concise paragraphs using the language of your target audience.
  • Use quality images – Stay away from generic stock photos if you can. Audiences tend to scroll past content that looks generic. High-quality images will reflect a high-quality business.
  • Make unique content – With almost every business on social media, standing out is more important than ever. Creating unique content is great for SEO, but it also means your social media followers are more likely to engage with your content.

Social media and your content marketing strategy

Social media marketing increases your company’s customer value – driving traffic and creates sales leads. As a platform, it boosts your content marketing strategy by connecting your brand with targeted audiences.

Bringing the two strategies together is a natural step in your digital marketing strategy. This is where a best-practice digital agency’s content marketing team can step in. They’ll tailor your digital strategy to suit your business, meeting both your content and social media marketing goals.

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