What you need to know about improving Quality Score

Digital360 on 19 May 2017

If you’re in the search engine marketing game, you’ll know how important Quality Score is to your pay-per-click campaign.

Quality Score can be confusing to wrap your head around – let alone master. So, let’s break down how it works, and the steps you can take to improving Quality Score.

What can you do to keep up a high Quality Score so you don't blow your budget on search engine marketing? First, let’s break down how AdWords ranks your ads.

The relationship between Ad Rank and Quality Score

AdWords uses an auction system to determine the position of your ad in Google results. Using a value called 'Ad Rank', the AdWords platform places the position of your ad relative to other competing ads, or whether your ad will display at all.

Today, Ad Rank is calculated using your maximum bid amount (how much you are willing to pay for a visitor to click your ad) and your Quality Score, as well as factoring in the impact of your various ad extensions. That means there are two typical ways to increase the number of clicks to your ad:

  • The first option is to increase your maximum bid amount. However, throwing more money at a campaign is a wasteful approach, and you'll quickly use all your AdWords budget.
  • The second option is to focus on improving your Quality Score – that is, improving the quality of your ads, target keywords and landing page.

So raising your keyword bids is easy enough, but what can we do to improve Quality Score?

How to improve your Quality Score

At its core, Quality Score is all about making ads relevant to Google users. Here’s how you can work on improving Quality Score:

  • Optimise your keywords in your ads – Matching your ad's text to the target search keywords as closely as possible will help boost your ad's relevance to the searcher. Keep in mind those long-tailed keywords – in other words, the more ‘speech like’ phrases that people tend to plug into a search engine.
  • Take time with keyword research – Keyword research is essential to any pay-per-click campaign. Stay on top of new keywords that you can incorporate into your ad campaign, including those long-tailed keywords. This ensures that your keywords are always relevant, and that you're always ahead of the search engine marketing game.
  • Think small with keyword grouping – Break down your ad campaign into smaller, targeted campaigns. This helps dedicate focus to specific keyword groups. While this can be a little tedious to set up, this kind of targeting is the ticket to improving Quality Score. Since you’ll have many specific targeted keyword groups, your relevancy for each group will be rewarded with a Quality Score boost.
  • Target your landing pages – Make sure your ad landing pages are optimised with the same targeted keyword group. This could mean having several different landing pages, depending on how many keyword groups you have. Again, this can take a little time, but is essential to improving your AdWords relevance.
  • Focus on your click-through rate – Working on a high click-through rate is the ticket to improving Quality Score. Google will recognise each user click-through as a point toward your search relevancy. Click-throughs can be targeted with those above-mentioned keyword-specific landing pages. This is also a great way for you to get those conversions rolling in.

Can a digital agency help increase Quality Score?

Search engine marketing can be tricky – and often temperamental. Google is always changing its algorithms and search ranking factors without warning. You may have optimised your AdWords campaign for those key Quality Score factors, but who knows when – and how drastically – these factors may change. 

If you’re new to search engine marketing, or want to learn the most efficient search engine strategies, reaching out to a digital agency’s search engine marketing services can be a great first step. They know the best-practice tactics when it comes to pay-per-click campaigns, keyword research, content writing, and web and landing page development.

A great Quality Score means saving money on AdWords campaigns in the long run. Chat with a SEM specialist today about how to improve your AdWords campaign.