Social media marketing tips to help you reach your first 1000 Likes

Digital360 on 11 July 2017

We know how important social media marketing is for SMEs. And Facebook marketing is a great place to begin, no matter your size or industry. But building up your company's presence of Facebook is a challenge.

So, how exactly do you get your feet off the ground and get to your first 1000 ‘Likes’? It's all about creating a great profile, building an audience base, and then keeping that audience engaged.

The first steps: Building your profile

The first step is to take a look at your business's Facebook Page. Start with the basics and makes sure that you've filled out all the relevant information that Facebook asks you for. This gives your potential customers everything they need to know (and more) about you and your business.

Make sure your business Page has:

  • A profile picture and cover image – Your business logo makes for a great profile picture and your cover image can be used as a banner to advertise a promotion. Make sure these images are high-quality and have been designed according to Facebook's specifications. Remember: your social media profile is the face of your business.
  • A detailed ‘About’ section – This should be three or four short, engaging sentences to give customers a quick overview of your business, what makes you different, and why someone should follow you.
  • A link to your website – Make it easy for your visitors on social media to find your website. Here, you can also link to other relevant social media channels.
  • A mission statement – What is your business's purpose? Fill out this section to include a longer description of your business’s story, goals, and values.
  • Contact details – You'll want current or potential customers to contact you. Include your business’s address (if relevant), email address, and phone number.
  • Fresh content on the ‘Timeline’ – This is the primary section users see when they click your business Page. It’s where you share content and interact with your customers. Frequently updated, relevant content gives your audience an incentive to Like your page.

Now you're ready to build your audience

Building your Facebook audience from scratch seems like an overwhelming task. Where do you even begin?

A great first step can be cross-promoting on your other social media marketing channels, if you have them. Depending on whether you’re a B2B or B2C, you could look to Instagram, Twitter, and even your personal LinkedIn profile to promote your new Facebook presence. Encourage those same followers to engage with your brand on Facebook.

If you have a great email marketing campaign up and running, your newsletter can be a fantastic place to let your customers know they can keep in touch via Facebook. A well-placed call-to-action button will take recipients directly to your new Facebook Page. Because your email list consists of an already-engaged audience, you’re likely to see a great response rate.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-tested word of mouth strategy. Approach your clients, partners and suppliers to share your posts or Page on their own Newsfeeds. Of course, you can use Facebook’s ‘invite’ feature to invite your friends to Like your page, but sharing within industry-relevant circles is where you're going to see the most success.

And finally, keep your audience engaged

When it comes to Facebook marketing, engaging your audience is key. Links to your website can be great for those click-throughs when you have a promotion running. But remember, social media marketing is much more than about making immediate sales – it’s about providing value directly on the platform and building trust with your audience in the long term.

If your goal is to build awareness and engagement, consider the kinds of posts that are likely to be shared by your followers on their own Newsfeeds. And why stop at link sharing? Take advantage of the platform and post GIFs, image and video content too. These other formats may prove to be a great success with your audience.

Creating and sharing high user-value content is the ticket to building your follower base. And what you share depends on your target audience. This could be informative, industry-related content. Or it could be something a fun, and entertaining.

And remember before you post: go for designed and optimised images. Use Facebook’s preview feature to make sure your images, titles and text all look great before hitting that Post button.

Need faster results? Try paid promotions.

Out of all of the social media marketing platforms, Facebook's advertising campaigns might be the most versatile. The beauty of paid promotion is that your posts can go well beyond your followers’ Newsfeeds. For instance, you can Boost posts to appear in relevant audiences’ Feeds to build your follower base.

Another great way to target new audiences is by using Facebook’s Custom Audiences and ad campaigns. For example, creating a 'Lookalike Audience' helps you reach out to users with similar interests to those of your followers, but who haven’t yet Liked your page.

Your audience can be either custom-built or based on conversion data gathered by the Facebook Pixel, as well target location and audience size. And by using a specific audience-building campaign, such as a Like campaign, your budget will go a long way in increasing the size of your Facebook following.

Consistency and relevance is key

Building your follower base to reach those first 1000 Likes – and beyond – is all about consistency. It means updating your page and targeting and re-targeting your audience. Although simple in theory, in practice it can be time-consuming – and we know that time is money when it comes to running a business.

This is where a social media marketing agency can step in. A team of experts will be dedicated to meeting your Facebook marketing goals as efficiently as possible, meaning you can dedicate your time and energy back into running your business.

Chat with one of our specialists today about your social media marketing strategy.