Creating SEO content to boost your content marketing

Digital360 on 19 May 2017

We know that when it comes to search rankings, one of Google’s top ranking factors is creating quality content. It's no wonder that SEO agencies are focusing more and more on content marketing. Today, content marketing and SEO share many best-practice methods.

Creating content means you have something to promote and share with potential customers. It's also a fantastic way to drive site traffic. SEO content creation just takes it a step further – it's where factors like keywords, links, and mobile-friendliness come in ut they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

If you don’t have the time to research the best SEO content creation strategy, a best-practice SEO agency can tailor just to suit your business. But if you decide to take it on alone, here are some top SEO content marketing tactics that the experts use.

1. Keyword optimisation

Creating SEO content is all about creating 'searchable' content. You might have some of the best articles out there – but it's no use if your users can’t find them with a quick search.

Google is becoming more and more optimised to pick up on ‘speech like’ keywords (what's often referred to as 'long-tailed keywords' in SEO jargon). Think of key phrases that users are likely to plug into their search engines, and target these words in your content.

Using the same or similar keywords across multiple pages will improve SEO and boost your content marketing performance – but be careful not to go overboard. Google picks up when there’s too many keywords, and calls this ‘keyword stuffing’. These kinds of practices can reel in a Google penalty.

2. Social media integration

Social media is a fundamental part of content marketing. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, it's always a good idea to be on social media. Social media allows you to engage directly with your audience in real-time, and is perfect for sharing and promoting the content your business is publishing.

If you’ve written a great blog post or article, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal for upping your content reach. Reach essentially means how far your content goes – the bigger your reach, the higher your views. By sending relevant traffic to your website, you'll increase the chance the users engage with your site, and link back to it – great ways to boost SEO performance.

3. Mobile-friendly optimisation

These days, people aren’t just searching online from their desktops. They’re using smartphones and tablets too. Google’s latest algorithm updates have targeted sites for their mobile-friendliness – and that has implications for both your SEO and content marketing.

This means that webpages that have intrusive mobile popups, or that aren’t optimised for mobile display, are penalised and dropped from mobile search rankings. This won’t affect your desktop rankings – but do you really want to miss out on crucial mobile traffic? So make sure that your content – such as your company blog – is easy to access on mobile devices.

4. Off-site content creation

Getting high quality sites to link back to your site is essential to great SEO. That's why building relationships and business partnerships online can be so valuable for SEO. 'Off-site SEO' usually refers to this practice of building relationships with other high-authority sites.

So, how can content marketing help achieve this SEO objective? Try publishing your SEO content on an industry-related third party page. Not only will get your business a link and send traffic back to your site, your business can also get in front of a new audience – which is great for building awareness around your brand.

SEO and content marketing working together

Creating SEO content is all about boosting site rankings while making your webpage valuable to your customers. If you’re just starting out with content marketing, or don’t know where to begin with SEO content creation, chatting with a reputable SEO agency can be a great first step.

Want to find out more about creating content for SEO? Talk to a Melbourne digital agency about your business needs.