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Lead generation

Not all leads are created equal. Lead generation isn't just about connecting with potential customers. It's about connecting with the right customers. When and where they're ready to convert. By focussing on quality leads, we can reduce your costs while maximising your return on investment (ROI).

Introduction to lead generation

The right leads. At the right time.

Put simply, a lead is anyone who has expressed interest in your business, its products or its services. A lead can be anyone, at any stage of the customer journey. They could be someone researching product options. Or they could be someone looking to buy, right at that very moment.

Online lead generation involves attracting potential customers to your business or digital assets. And then providing them with information, advice or support. If you supply the potential customer with what they're searching for, you can expect them to be more receptive to messages from your brand in future. This is how strangers become leads.

The challenge of online lead generation is knowing where to allocate your resources in order to reach the highest value prospects. It's about understanding what makes your ideal customer. As well as how to attract and communicate with them. This is key to maximising the return from your online lead generation efforts.

How we solve it

Targeted online lead generation

At Digital360, we begin the development of every online lead generation strategy with one question. Who is your ideal lead? That's because understanding your desired leads and their needs is crucial. It's from these insights that we can start to create campaigns which target the right people with the right messages.

We don't take a hit and hope approach. Our marketing team uses the latest targeting techniques to reach suitable potential customers in both paid and organic channels. While our design and copy team crafts content which supplies the answers those customers are searching for.

Through a combination of paid advertising, social media marketing and content marketing we deliver messages which are highly relevant to customer queries. Which resonate with suitable audiences. And which turn targeted potential customers into warm leads.

Results and outcomes

Focus only on valuable leads

It takes time, money, and effort to turn prospects into leads, turn leads into sales, and turn sales into repeat business. It can cost the same amount of resources to engage two individual leads. However, the value of those two leads to your business may be completely different.

By focussing only on the most valuable leads, we can minimise wasted resources while maximising your return. We don't just deliver more leads to your business. We deliver leads that are more likely to convert. That are more likely to spend more. And that are more likely to become repeat customers.

It's still up to your salespeople to close the deal. But with high value leads the yield is higher while the resources required to convert is lower. So you can spend less effort selling and more time doing what you do best. Supplying a great product or service.

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Even the warmest of leads won't convert by themselves. To turn a lead into a customer, you need a clear path to purchase. Online that means giving your leads a great experience wherever they reach out to you. Whether that's via your website, social media profiles, or email.

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'Targeting the appropriate people and knowing what to say to them is vital to any online lead generation campaign. It can mean the difference between getting weak leads and leads that are ready to convert. Quantity of leads is important but it's the quality of leads that makes the biggest difference.'

Paula Glynn

SEM Campaign Manager