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Customer retention

Keep your customers coming back for more. Our customer retention strategies help you to make the most of every lead. To maximise the value of every sale. And to build long term relationships which benefit both your business and your customers.

Introduction to customer retention

Turn sales into repeat business

Customer retention is essential for establishing your brand as an industry leader. After all, is there a greater endorsement than your customers choosing you again? Repeat business demonstrates the quality of your service, the trust people have in your product, and the desire to return for more.

Turning sales into repeat business isn't always straightforward. An exceptional product and service experience will only get you so far. More is required to make sure that customers remember your brand and to ensure that they choose you again, rather than your competitors.

At Digital360, we use digital technologies to make your brand the one customers return to. We use brand awareness initiatives, content strategy, and direct marketing to keep your brand at the front of your customer's minds. So they know who to choose when they're ready to buy again.

How we solve it

Build a business relationship that lasts

The goal of our customer retention strategies is to develop long term commercial relationships between you and your customers. To achieve this, we begin by identifying and recording the details of customers which have a high potential for repeat business.

Based on this database of clients, we create compelling marketing messages that resonate with their needs. Then using sophisticated targeting, we deliver these messages to your customers over email, social media, or display marketing. We find a mix that works.

At the same time, we create content marketing assets, which engage your customers and keep them communicating with your brand. These assets can also assist with after-sales support while promoting additional products and services.

Results and outcomes

Maximise the value of every customer

A powerful customer retention strategy positions your business as the obvious choice for returning buyers. It assists in establishing your brand as an industry leader. And it helps you to maximise the value of every lead, sale, and customer.

By providing compelling messages and genuinely useful content, you can keep customers thinking about your brand. You can educate audiences on your services and promote complimentary products for extra sales. All while reinforcing key brand messages.

At Digital360, we can help you to turn one-off sales into repeat business. We can show you how to make the most of your existing client database. And we can assist you in finding ways to get the best possible lifetime value out of every customer.

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A customer retention strategy is essential for securing repeat business. But, managing your existing database of clients is only one part of your overall business plan. If you're going to grow your business, you'll need to be effectively attracting new customers too.

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'A good customer retention strategy works both ways. Your customers get relevant messages and engaging valuable content. In exchange, you get loyal customers and repeat business. When a strategy is done well, everyone benefits.'

Don Milne

Strategic Partnerships Manager