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Channel development

Grow your network of resellers while strengthening relationships with existing ones. Our distribution channel development strategies help you to connect with more resellers. And to maximise the value of your existing relationships. So you can sell more products, in more places, more often.

Introduction to channel development

Why reseller relationships matter

As a manufacturer, you depend on your resellers. They communicate your messages to customers. They often recommend your brand over others. And, most importantly, they stock and sell your product.

Yet, relationships between manufacturers and resellers can be tenuous. This can mean missed opportunities for both parties. Because, if a reseller doesn't understand the benefits of your product then they cannot effectively market and move it. That means fewer sales for them and you.

Similarly, establishing ties with new resellers is essential for getting your product into the hands of as many consumers as possible. To sell more products, you need more resellers stocking and endorsing them.

How we solve it

Increase the size and value of your reseller network

At Digital360, we can help you to connect with new resellers. We can also assist you in getting the most value our of your existing relationships. So you can sell more products while building your brand, and promoting your business as the manufacturer of choice.

To achieve this, we create digital assets and marketing strategies which speak directly to your resellers and potential resellers. We establish your business as a preferred industry brand. And we ensure that resellers know exactly who you are and why they should choose your products.

Our distribution channel development strategies use web development, content marketing, and direct marketing to reach resellers and to communicate your messages. We open a dialogue and use it to inform and educate while keeping both you and your resellers in the know.

Results and outcomes

Help your resellers to help you

The best distribution channel development strategies benefit manufacturers and resellers. They increase sales and thereby profits for both parties. They take the guesswork out of marketing and supplying products. They make choosing and endorsing your brand easy.

This, in turn, means a better experience for the end customer. Having resellers who are knowledgeable about your product means that customers have someone to turn should they have questions or potential issues regarding your product.

Channel development allows you to inform resellers. But also it allows them to inform you. They can provide feedback about customer experiences. They can help you to identify pain points, as well as gaps in the market. So you can make better business decisions, based on customer demands.

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To connect better with your resellers, you need a distribution channel development strategy which reaches them. Content that speaks directly to them and their needs. And the creation of digital assets that make it easy to build a strong reseller or distribution network. Here are some services which will help you to achieve this and more.

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'Your resellers are your first point of call for your end customers. They're the ones that can make or break a sale. It's important that you give them the resources they need to make the best case for your brand.'

Glen Allpress

Digital Analyst