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Brand awareness

Make your name the one people remember. Our brand awareness strategies put your brand where it belongs, at the front of customers' minds. While also building trust and reinforcing key brand messages. So customers know who to choose when they need your services.

Introduction to brand awareness

Action begins with awareness

Customers may not need your services every day. But when they do, will you be the one they call? This is where brand awareness comes in. It ensures that it's your brand that customers think of, when and where they need your services.

At Digital360, we create complete brand awareness strategies. We place your brand where your customers are. On their favourite websites, on social media, and in their search results. Combined with our creative design and copy, we make your name and message stick.

We take a comprehensive approach. Effective brand awareness isn't about one marketing channel or promotional campaign. It's an ongoing process which establishes and then reinforces key branding messages. So it's your brand that consumers know, trust, and choose.

How we solve it

We put you where your customers are

Your customers are online. They're reading news sites on the train. They're checking their social media on lunch breaks. They're searching for new products from the comfort of their couches. An effective brand awareness strategy puts you at all of these digital touchpoints – and more.

At Digital360, we combine display advertising, content market initiatives, social media, and email marketing into one comprehensive strategy. So your brand's messages are seen and consistently reinforced across every digital channel.

Our display marketing specialists target the right audiences. While our designers and copywriters create advertisements and content that cuts through the noise and resonates with customers.

Results and outcomes

Be the brand customers trust

Customers are more likely to buy from brands they know and trust. In crowded marketplaces, purchasing decisions can often be made in an instant. A customer's level of awareness regarding your brand can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

Brand awareness drives customer engagement, interactions with your brand, and most importantly, sales. An effective brand awareness strategy ensures that your customers recall or recognise your brand when and where it matters.

We can assist in positioning your brand as an industry leader. As a brand that customers recognise and recommend to their friends. And as a brand which is the first choice for your customers.

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A brand awareness strategy is a vital component of any growth-focussed marketing plan. However, it is still only one piece of your overall communication efforts. To be truly effective, your strategy should be integrated with all of your marketing initiatives.

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'Customers have never had a greater choice of brands and businesses. The amount of options can be overwhelming. Increasingly people are choosing to rely on a handful of trusted service providers. Establishing your brand as one of those trusted providers is essential for gaining customers and growing your business.'

Reuben Sady

Digital Copywriter