So, what does that mean?

Digital360 on 3 April 2017

In March, we became a Google Premier Partner. This certification reflects the performance of our clients' PPC campaigns, managed by our SEM Campaign Manager, Paula Glynn. But while we're excited, for those outside of the digital marketing industry, this news may need some additional context.

So, here we'll take the opportunity to explain Google Partnerships, and what Premier status means for us, and our clients.

What is a Premier Google Partner?

Google's partner program helps companies identify credible experts in search engine and PPC marketing. There are currently two tiers in the Google Partner Program, reflecting the expanding level of skill, expertise and size of search marketing experts available.

The 'Premier' tier of the program is reserved for a select range of search marketing agencies who have demonstrated a high level of expertise while delivering client results, meeting spend requirements and maintaining excellent client relationships.

For our existing clients, our Premier certification illustrates that we have a good relationship with Google – meaning we have access to support and are endorsed as a provider. And, we can assure prospective clients we're a reputable company that uses best-practice techniques.

What is the difference between a Google Partner and a Premier Partner?

While there are many agencies and search marketing companies that are Google Partners, Google Premier Partner agencies are the next step up. Premier status is reserved for search marketing companies who have shown long term results and larger budget spends. It requires more expertise in the AdWords platform and an excellent track record of performance.

Google Partner Program criteria
CriteriaPartnerPremier Partner
Company profile Full company information listed on Google Partner Search. Full company information listed on Google Partner Search.
Certification One AdWords certified professional. Two AdWords certified professionals.

Spend Met a 90-day minimum spend requirement. On-going company spend across AdWords
Company performance Met Google's performance requirements Met Google's performance requirements for Premier Partner status

Source: Google

What are the performance requirements?

Account performance is a key requirement to becoming a Google Premier Partner. When reviewing the partnership program, Google assesses four key performance areas:

  • Client revenue growth – Clients need to show consistent and significant revenue growth from their AdWords account.
  • Client retention – The agency needs to retain a high number of clients to demonstrate long term partnerships.
  • Overall revenue growth – The agency needs to demonstrate strong overall revenue growth in their AdWords account.
  • Growth in the number of advertisers – There needs to be a steady increase in the number of advertisers on the agency account.

In short, Google assesses the performance of the campaigns, the growth of both the agency and clients and the relationship developed with clients. It's how Google sees the overall performance of the agency when it comes to managing and delivering AdWords campaigns.

What's next for our AdWords service?

So, what's next? At this stage, there's no better agency certification for search marketing. So that means we're simply going to continue to deliver industry best practice across our PPC services, including AdWords and the Google Display Network. We'd also like to thank our clients for their trust and commitment when it comes to working together to grow their businesses.

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