Digital360 on 28 June 2017

How customers shared the Ace Karts experience with Snapchat

Snapchat is fast becoming the social media platform of choice for millennials. It's fun, fast, and in the moment. And that means Snapchat appeals exactly to the target audience of one of our clients: Ace Karts, a real life racing destination in Melbourne.

The Ace Karts product is fun, adventurous and action-packed. It's an ideal weekend activity – or a way to blow off steam during the week. Ace Karts also has an engaged following on social media, with an audience predominately made up of young men who love sports and adrenaline activities, from footy to fast cars.

Our marketing team came together to create a campaign on Snapchat. The objective was to build brand awareness, trust and reputation through word-of-mouth, using Snapchat as the digital platform.

Why Snapchat?

Using Snapchat, we had a opportunity to add a unique social media element to the Ace Karts customer experience. But more than that, Snapchat was an opportunity to leverage the customers' social network to promote the Ace Karts brand. The effect is like digital word-of-mouth, instantly connecting the brand with a like-minded audience – all through a friend they know and trust.

Snapchat is a great match for Ace Karts because it's a social platform focussed on messaging and communications. That makes it perfect for capturing and sharing experiences, such as going out with a group of friends. It also amplifies the competitive nature of racing – bragging rights and banter is conducted over social media in an engaging and visual way.

So, how could Ace Karts unlock the marketing potential of Snapchat? Through a function called 'Geofilters'. Geofilters are a location-specific overlay, such as images and text, for photos shared on Snapchat. They're a fun and simple way to share an experience with friends. If a user has Location Services and Filters enabled, they can access a range of Geofilters for their current location by swiping on the image.

usingsnapchat assest4

Two branded Geofilters for ‘scene takers’ (left) and ‘selfie takers’ (right).

The social media strategy

The goal of the Snapchat campaign was to generate interest and awareness around the Ace Karts brand and products. Using Geofilters, we would get the Ace Karts brand in front of customers' friends – an ideal audience of people with shared interests.

An analysis of social media posts revealed two main types of social posting when customers visited the Ace Karts track. These two groups were called 'selfie takers' and 'scene takers'.

The first photo type were by the selfie takers. These photos were of customers using the front-facing camera to take a picture of themselves, often waiting for their turn to race. The second photo type we identified was by the scene takers – usually pictures of the racing action. These kinds of photos were of action shots and videos of the karts racing out on the track.

Our team decided to create two assets to cater towards these styles of social posting. The first filter is an Ace Karts branded helmet and steering wheel. This filter was designed for all the selfie takers down at the track. The second Geofilter was a simple race flag and brand logo positioned at the bottom of the screen. This filter was perfect for the scene takers, capturing videos and images of the racing action – such as the finishing shot.

Ace Karts customers were already taking these photos and uploading them to Snapchat. By developing Geofilters, customers could add Ace Karts branding as they shared content to their social following. In effect, the strategy recognises the current customer activity, and leverages it to boost the business's brand awareness.

usingsnapchat assest3

Snapchat Geofilters turn user generated content into a marketing opportunity.

The results

One weekend campaign delivered:


The lessons

For our team, the campaign was a dive into a new social media platform. Snapchat, after all, is one of the new ways young audiences communicate. Along with Instagram, these platforms represent a great opportunity for businesses looking to connect with millennial customers.

By creating smart and fun assets for new social platforms, businesses can get their brand in front of new customers. In the case of Snapchat, these new customers are the personal followings of existing customers. It's about a business becoming part of the social conversation through marketing, design and strategy.

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