Melbourne's best panel beaters get a write up

Digital360 on 15 April 2017

Normally, we're all about digital. But when a client is featured in the print newspaper, it's a pretty exciting moment.

What happened? Late in February, our long time client Sheen Panel Service was picked up in Melbourne's largest paper, the Herald Sun. After hearing about the growth of Sheen Panel Service, reporter Claire Heaney got in touch with Martin Stone, the founder of Sheen, to discuss the business's success and approach to digital strategy.

The article, titled 'Crash Course in Web's Paying Off', highlights the changes in marketing and business strategy for the Sheen Group – from advertising in telephone directories decades ago to developing digital marketing campaigns today.

"Customers are adopting new technology very quickly and they want fast, digital experiences."

The evolution of the business is a commitment to helping their customers as they adapt to new technology. The result has been Sheen's investment in building their business in the digital space, where our team has been able to help them build a digital strategy in line with their targets for growth.

As our Managing Director Adam Laurie put it, 'Customers are adopting new technology very quickly and they want fast, digital experiences. If you can provide a superior experience for users with a great website and helpful content then you'll be rewarded.'

The Sheen strategy has comprised of a range of digital services, including SEO, PPC marketing, social media, web development and content strategy. The results over 2016 included doubling the number of leads, a 65.4 per cent increase in website traffic, and a 22.8 per cent increase in website conversion rates.

Martin Stone, the business founder who started the first Sheen Panel Service shop over 40 years ago, was a central figure in the article. 'We could recognise the importance of the digital space and the direction that our organisation wanted to head in,' he told the Herald Sun.

"We pride ourselves on being leaders within our industry"

A particular feature of the Sheen digital strategy – and one that was highlighted by the Herald Sun – was the Upload Your Smash feature. This functionality allows website visitors to conveniently upload images of their cars and get an easy quote online – driving new business for Sheen and helping their customers with a seamless digital experience.

'We pride ourselves on being leaders within our industry and could see that making small changes to our online presence would have a significant impact on our business. Since the launch of the website in mid-2015 we have doubled our leads,' said Martin Stone.

It's great to see the success story of our client shared to a wide audience, demonstrating the power and potential of digital transformation – even for traditional businesses.

For more detail and results of the Sheen Group strategy, see the full Sheen Group case study.