Digital360 on 11 May 2017

Our managing director chats to PEXA about the modern marketing landscape

The modern marketing landscape can be intimidating for small business owners. From search engine marketing to web development to social media, it's easy for business owners and managers to feel overwhelmed by the fast pace and complexity of the digital world. Many know that digital offers opportunity, but tackling the new digital challenges is a big task.

In this podcast produced by PEXA, host Luke Buesnel interviews Elissa Robertson owner of Robertson Conveyancing and our managing director, Adam Laurie, about how small business can face these challenges and market itself online.

Elissa explains how she’s trying to use her website and Facebook to generate leads and sales, and the confusion social media advertising can cause. Elissa also discusses the difficulty she faces trying to run her business while consistently creating digital content.

As the panel expert, Adam addresses Elissa's concerns, particularly around why having a presence online is important in the digital age. Adam also suggests that business owners need to start thinking about digital differently, and how digital is an opportunity to increase exposure to a wider audience of ideal customers.

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