How a six-month campaign boosted the business's bottom line

Digita360 on 15 June 2017

Social media is a powerful part of any digital strategy – and increasingly so. Australians are becoming reliant on platforms like Facebook and Instagram not just for entertainment but for keeping up to date with events, news and products, all tailored to their interests.

Our client Ace Karts is one business where social media plays an increasing role in connecting and communicating with customers. While Ace Karts has a broad customer base, their social media audience is concentrated to a dedicated segment of racing fans and enthusiasts.

This segment loves the competitive element of the Ace Karts experience. With access to this audience, our team had an opportunity to drive new business and sales for the client. The strategy was to use social media as the primary channel to build awareness and drive sign-ups for a series of league-style competitions.

Source: Facebook Audience Insights

The concept

Given the Ace Karts audience, there was a unique opportunity for the marketing of the League competition to be driven by digital. But more than that, the competition was also an opportunity to become a marketing tool for the business itself. Over the months, the competition would generate regular, engaging social media content for the brand.

After developing the concept, our social media marketing team developed two distinct phases of the campaign:


  • The first was a promotional phase of posts during the lead up to the competition. This promotion used a range of tactics to generate interest and drive sign-ups, building a social media 'buzz' through scarcity, urgency and suspense.
  • The second phase was the coverage of the League. From upcoming races, to 'round recaps' and lap times, the competition would generate news to share with the social media audience – a perfect opportunity to drive higher social media engagement.

Overall, the campaign was to be long term. It would take a period of six months from the first promotion to the final race, and require close collaboration with our team – specialists in design, analysis and copy – and the client.

The strategy

Before the competition

The first objective of the campaign was to fill the 12 available placements in the League. This was achieved by focusing engagement on the Ace Kart's Facebook page, using copywriting and design to deliver conversion-style creative to the Ace Karts audience.


The first series of posts were designed to gauge interest and generate a sense of buzz. The objective of these 'teaser' style posts was to pique the interest of the Ace Karts audience. After this phase, we finally announced the competition and linked a dedicated landing page to drive sign-ups for the competition.

Throughout June, we created another series of posts to fill the remaining spots in the League. These posts created a sense of urgency and scarcity and were highly successful, generating plenty of Likes, comments and shares. The series helped fill up the entire League in just six days, prompting the client to open a second League due to the high demand.

timeline league1

During the competition

With the Leagues filled, the sales and business objectives had been achieved. But there was still more to do to enhance the customer experience and build the Ace Karts brand with a wider audience. What better way to showcase the brand than post updates about the unfolding competition?

To drive engagement throughout the campaign, our team created Facebook posts for key competition announcements. These included the commencement of the League and the completion of a major race. Working with the content team, we also published 'recaps' of each round on the Ace Karts website.

There was also a dedicated area of the website, created by our web development team, to showcase the results and progress of each League, including team leaderboards, top scores and fastest laps.

supportingimage landingpage

Finally, at the end of the League, we posted League highlights and announced the winning teams in the League. Overall, regular posting throughout the League generated a high volume of engagement in the form of Likes, comments and shares.

The results

The campaign was a success both in terms of audience engagement on social media and business results. Over the six months of the campaign, a total of 29 posts for both League Cups generated over 100,000 impressions, contributing to the overall 2016 growth of the Ace Karts social media audience by 15%.

The campaign also generated significant sales for the business. The success of the first League prompted the client to add a second League, delivering an overwhelmingly positive result for the client. At the end of the campaign, a total of 24 teams had signed up, generating additional sales for the business.


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