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Digital360 on 10 November 2017

Six skills you’ll need in your SEO team

SEO isn't a simple area. It requires knowledge across technical optimisation techniques to design and copywriting. Here are six skills your team needs ...

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Digital360 on 2 November 2017

What is a ‘brand voice’ and how can you make yours?

If a company can have a 'personality', it can have a voice, too. What does that means and why is it important? This in-depth guide will answer your questions about branding through content. ...

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Digital360 on 30 October 2017

October's digital news

In this edition: WiFi vulnerability exposed, fake news controversy spreads, Facebook tests a new news feed, new developments in AI and more ...

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Digital360 on 12 October 2017

Should your business develop an app?

The mobile web is powerful enough to deliver a great experience for all users. A mobile-first website is often the most effective way for businesses looking to enhance their digital strategy ...

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Digital360 on 6 October 2017

Do you need a new website? Ask these 10 questions

Refining a current website is always a great idea. Regular testing and tweaking increases conversions and traffic. But sometimes building a completely new website is a better decision ...

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Digital360 on 5 October 2017

How long does SEO take? See 3 industry case studies

‘How long does SEO take?’ is one of the most common questions a digital marketing agency will receive from prospective clients. Here are three case studies to see how SEO works across industries ...

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Digital360 on 4 October 2017

September's digital news

In this edition: Google appeals EU decision, Facebook faces political backlash, Apple releases new products and more ...

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Digital360 on 14 September 2017

7 of the latest features in Google Search

With these new and emerging search marketing features, your business will find and convert more customers through organic search. Discover the latest from Google Search marketing here ...

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Digital360 on 8 September 2017

The complete checklist for SSL and HTTPS

Providing your website users with the latest security is a new challenge for SMEs. But it’s important. Not just to protect your business and customers – but for your search engine rankings. ...

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Digital360 on 6 September 2017

How to build and win a business case for Facebook PPC

Need to convince your boss the need for Facebook PPC? This article will show you how to make a convincing case to start advertising on Australia's largest social network. ...

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Digital360 on 1 September 2017

August's digital news

In this edition: A Google memo goes wrong, Snapchat's future remains uncertain, Uber appoints a new CEO and more. ...

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Digital360 on 24 August 2017

How one website feature delivered 15% more leads to a franchise group

CRO is often a smart investment for a business, as optimised conversion assets will pay for themselves over time. See how we developed a conversion tool for our client, Sheen Group ...

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Digital360 on 16 August 2017

Google penalties and the risks of cheap SEO providers

In 2014, traffic to Blossom Costumes came to a standstill. The problem was risky SEO practices by their low cost SEO provider which had picked up a Google penalty. Find out how they recovered. ...

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Digital360 on 3 August 2017

The state of Australian social media in 2017

What is the state of social media in 2017? We take a look at the latest research from user behaviour to business use. Discover where the social media space is heading. ...

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Digital360 on 1 August 2017

July's digital news

In this edition: Cyber attacks on big and small business, Google versus the EU, Facebook versus Google, ICOs and QR codes. ...

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Digital360 on 25 July 2017

How to protect your business from digital threats

Cybercrime is on the rise in Australia. The latest ransomware attacks have revealed how vulnerable many SMEs are to online threats ...

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Digital360 on 18 July 2017

How to get better SEO backlinks in 2017

Here at Digital360, we think the term ‘link building’ is outdated. So what's a better way? Our Strategic Partnerships Manager shares his perspective on creating value online ...

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Digital360 on 28 June 2017

June's digital news

In this edition: Uber, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and Ethereum. The month of June saw some technology heavyweights scramble while others geared up for prime position. Find out more ...

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Digital360 on 28 June 2017

Using Snapchat Geofilters to boost a brand

Snapchat is fun and fast. It's the platform of choice for millennials. So we developed a Snapchat Geofilters campaign for our client Ace Karts. See the strategy and the lessons we learnt here. ...

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Digital360 on 11 May 2017

Podcast: Digital marketing for small business

Our managing director Adam Laurie talks to a business owner about how to tackle small business digital marketing challenges and how to stay ahead. Listen here ...

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Digital360 on 15 April 2017

Sheen's digital success in the Herald Sun

While we're all about digital, when your client is in the paper, it's a pretty exciting moment. Find out why Sheen Group was in the Herald Sun ...

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Digital360 on 3 April 2017

We're now a Premier Google Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Premier Partner? We break down what this certification means for us and our clients ...

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Digital360 on 21 June 2017

What is 'confirmshaming' (and why is it bad)?

Ever been shamed by a website for not signing up to a newsletter? You're not alone. Here we explain the practice of 'confirmshaming' and why businesses should avoid using it ...

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Digital360 on 27 April 2017

April’s digital news

From fake news to April fools, here's what happened in the world of digital for the month of April ...

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