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Ace Karts

See how an established business transformed with digital, boosting the number of phone calls by 52.4% and increasing online revenue generation by 80.3%.

  • +54.5%

    increase in eCommerce conversion rate
  • +80.3%

    increase in online revenue
  • +52.4%

    increase in phone calls
  • +34.9%

    increase in website conversion rate

Web design and development

Building a one-stop digital pit stop

We developed and launched a new website for Ace Karts in 2016. The site sits at the heart of the digital strategy by underpinning SEO, PPC, email and social channels. With a funnel of leads flowing, the new site converts them into customers, manages the sales process, and builds a community of loyal fans. The result is a real business asset that delivers ROI and drives growth.

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Email marketing

Serving up exciting email

Email marketing keeps the Ace Karts community in the loop. While a monthly newsletter works to engage fans and maintain customer loyalty, tailored promotional campaigns kick-off events and competitions. The result is a two tiered email strategy that personalises the Ace Karts experience. The fans get to feel close to the action, while Ace Karts boosts its bottom line.

Social media marketing

Keepin' it wheel on social media

Ace Karts customers love special events and competitions – and social media gets the word out. Using Facebook and Instagram, we've developed unique campaigns that drive brand awareness, customer retention as well as new leads. Our in-house creatives understand the Ace Karts audience intimately, speaking to them in a genuine voice that boosts engagement and ultimately drives sales.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Delivering on the traffic that matters

SEM is a key part of the Ace Karts lead generation strategy. Adrenaline seekers search in Google or Bing, and we serve them targeted and relevant advertising. Working in tandem with SEO, capturing these leads in search results delivers a constant source of new business for Ace Karts. And our in-house SEM experts optimise campaigns to reduce costs while keeping conversions high. The result is inbound traffic that is ready to race.

Search engine optimisation

Getting to first place in search results

After launching the new site in mid-2016, we've built an enviable position in search engine results for Ace Karts. The result is quality traffic that starts in search results, funnels through the checkout and ends at the Ace Karts track. Our SEO strategy was built with long term view to growth: delivering ROI over time and reducing the reliance on paid channels. It leaves the competition in the dust.

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'The team at Digital360 have been excellent at providing transparency around our digital program and its performance. They help us understand their services, such as the various aspects of SEO strategy, as well as when we can start expecting results and returns on investment.'

Ali Sadiku

Owner – Ace Karts
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