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About us

Our history

We're not marketers. We're business people. That's why we purchased a business to prove the power of digital.

Our story

A big vision with a small beginning

In 2010, business partners Adam Laurie and Robert Dalessandro saw there was an opportunity for a new type of agency – one that worked alongside high-achieving SMEs to use digital and technology as a source of competitive advantage.

The pair purchased a small engineering company, Cleanawater, to prove their concept. With no experience or connections in the industry, the mission was simple but bold: execute a digital strategy that would transform a small company into a market leader.

Five years later, it was clear the mission was a resounding success. Cleanawater had become a national brand and sold for ten times its original price. In the meantime, Digital360 had grown from strength-to-strength, launching as an official venture in 2013.

Today, we continue to test the original company vision – that digital technology and strategy are powerful drivers of business value and growth. Continued investment in skill and technology remains a core part of serving the needs of our clients in a fast-paced digital world.

Our Case Study

We purchased a business to prove the power of digital

The results?

  • Revenue growth of 1266%
  • Accumulated profit of $1.25m
  • A 10X return on investment

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