Where to find your new Melbourne SEO company

Digital360 on 3 August 2017

So you're looking for an SEO agency in Melbourne? There are hundreds of digital specialists in this liveable city. And that means sourcing a good SEO agency is a time consuming task.

To help you on your search, we've made a list of the top SEO agency hotspots around Melbourne.

First, consider very carefully what to look for in a good SEO agency. It's just as important to know how to identify a bad SEO provider. What's more, business owners and managers should always arm themselves with a checklist of questions they can ask when assessing a potential digital agency.

Here are the popular areas for SEO agencies in Melbourne. If you have questions about SEO services, contact a digital specialist.

South Yarra and St Kilda

SEO agencies in South Yarra and St Kilda

The inner-south of Melbourne offers plenty of choice when it comes to SEO agencies, from large advertising companies to digital startups. Along Chapel street, there are several SEO companies from South Yarra to Prahran, including our digital agency, Digital360. Other notable agencies in the area are Melbourne SEO Services and GMG.

Parking is free all along the main street, essential for those with a tight meeting schedule and a car. While along the St Kilda Road corridor, there are a number of larger international agencies, who have search marketing advice and delivery services available for large brands.

Cremorne and Richmond

SEO agencies in Richmond and Cremorne

Richmond and Cremorne are home to over a dozen SEO agencies. From Swan Street to the Yarra River, there is plenty of search marketing expertise available for a range of businesses. The inner-east is a hub for SEO agencies that are often creatively driven, suited for small-to-medium sized businesses with consumer products.

One Stop Media is one of the top SEO agencies in the area. They offer SEO expertise within Richmond and Cremorne while providing a range of other digital services to SMEs.

Melbourne's CBD and South Melbourne

SEO agencies in Melbourne CBD

There is a range of SEO companies in Melbourne’s CBD, providing expert advice at a central location. While parking may be expensive, taxis and public transport are easy options. Scorch is an example SEO company in the CBD, with offices in Melbourne as well as Sydney. On the other side of the river, there are more SEO companies in South Melbourne, including digital service provider Melbourne Media Consulting.

Companies like this are an attractive option to SMEs because they are flexible enough to deliver a range of digital marketing services. The great thing about a locally-based agency, is that they will understand the needs of a local business. If you work in or close to the city, an SEO agency in the Melbourne CBD is a convenient option.

Fitzroy and Collingwood

SEO agencies in Fitzroy and Collingwood

Melbourne’s inner-north is home to niche creative agencies and SEO providers. Tucked away on Fitzroy’s Argyle Street, Rank First is one such digital agency. Niche SEO agencies are perfect for businesses that need a specialised digital strategy in creative or consumer-based industries.

A perk of this location is that visitors can schedule a meeting at the office – or at any of nearby cafes that make Melbourne famous for its coffee. The number 12 and number 86 tram lines are available if public transport is a suitable transport option.

Surrounding suburbs

There are plenty of smaller SEO providers further out of Melbourne. These agencies tend to be lower cost digital providers and can be an option for small businesses on a budget. However, be wary of cheaper providers. Entrusting your business to a low-cost agency could jeopardise your SEO performance, and increase the likelihood of your website being filled with black hat SEO tactics.

Our verdict

There are many options when it comes to SEO companies in Melbourne. Now that you have an idea of where the main digital marketing hubs are in Melbourne, you can schedule a meeting with a convenient SEO provider.

But remember your research. Ask questions and get the right answers – you don’t want to end up after your first three months with an SEO agency wondering why your business is not seeing the promised results.

Looking for an SEO agency in Melbourne? Speak with a digital specialist in South Yarra.